Still Quilting…

Cross my fingers, knock on wood, today should be the last day I spend on my joint quilt project with Barb Kiehn, called “In the Garden.”  If you are new to my blog, then just scroll down to see it in progress on my quilting table.

Just to make you feel better, and to reveal that sometimes an experienced quilter can make a bozo mistake,  Last night, I had stopped for the day, and late at night decided to get a start on this one section of the quilt.  So I quilted a section, then realized I had forgotten to tighten my backing fabric, thus creating a puff of fabric in the back.  So NOT acceptible, so I am now removing the stitches and will correct this rookie mistake.

It is instances like this that keep me humble.

DH Joe and I have been hit pretty hard with a virus.  I’m on Day 2 of not talking because I have no voice.  Some people would think this is a GOOD thing.  Hahaha!

Back to the studio now…  I will try to remember to take a picture once it is finished.  If not, I will take a picture next week hanging in the show.

Have a great weekend!  Carla


3 thoughts on “Still Quilting…

  1. Oh no! Sick again! This is not the year for you and Joe as far as getting viruses… ICK. Hope you feel better soon. Does this mean you didn’t start back to metal art class again this week? Darn!

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