Quilt of the Week

I feel honored to have one of my quilting efforts chosen as “Quilt of the Week” on Machine Quilter’s Resource, a forum devoted to professional machine quilting.  This Egyptian Quilt, pieced and owned by my friend, Barb Kiehn, is the quilt being highlighted:



The class I taught yesterday went well.  I had a wonderful bunch of students- friends, really.  I find I really enjoy teaching.  The atmosphere at the quilt store is very warm, hilarious, and fun.   All this, plus fabric, too!

“In the Garden,” the formal name of the quilt I am currently working on, is getting closer to being completed.  I will be quilting every spare minute until it is done.  It is due to be in a show in early February.  Cutting it close, I know.  Anyway, here are some updated pics:


and one more view:


I can’t wait to finish this enough for the show next week.  Once I get it back, I will reload this quilt and change a few places, also add some more work.  I still have lots of SID to do … Yikes!

Anyhow, I’m hoping my extra effort on the quilting pays off.  Either way, I’ll let you know how it does in the local show.


Last note:  My favorite kitty, Oscar, is recuperating after a mystery injury.  I took him to the Vet since he was limping, and acting like he was in pain. Good news: xrays revealed no broken bones, so it is some sort of muscle or tendon injury.  The Vet kindly gave him a 24 hour pain shot and extra pain pills so he doesn’t suffer while healing.  Poor baby!

Here is Oscar in happier moments:


6 thoughts on “Quilt of the Week

  1. Oh, get well quick precious gray fur-face! Don’t you hate when they’re hurting and can’t tell you why/how/where?

    Carla, your quilting blows my socks off. These last two are spectacular and I hope they’re both going to some major shows.

  2. Carla, I continue to be awed by your beautiful work; can’t wait to see the finished quilt. Good luck at the show.

    He’s a beautiful kitty, hope he’s feeling better…Kathy

  3. I hope Oscar is feeling like his happy self very soon. We lost our wonderful kitty right before Christmas.

    Your new quilt looks wonderful. I have one that I wish I could work on but I am so busy all I have done is SITD. Hoepfully I will be able to get more done really soon.

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