Class Today

Hello, I have been busy as usual.  Lately, I’ve run to the Bay area for a meeting, been working on my current quilt, plus today I am teaching my “Quilt Whisperer” quilting design class.

In my class, I cover basics of quilting, what considerations are there for different kinds of quilts and recipients, plus have exercises and end the class with individual design instruction with student’s quilt tops.  Here is an example of one class handout where the student gets practice at developing their own quilt designs:


The bowtie quilt pattern is a simple one-block quilt design.   Then I introduce a more complex pattern for them to practice on.

I also have a creative exercise, I’m beta testing one from the book I wrote, but need to update when time allows to finish.  LOL  I am such a procrastinator!!

Here is some new photos from my current quilt project:


Speaking of quilt design, I decided to change my plan on the fly.  I ended up using one of my favorite stencils, shown above, instead of my original Carla stencil design, shown here:


I had intended to combine 4 of the design above in the large blank area.  But it didn’t give me enough visual impact, so I went with the lovely stencil shown in the photo above.


Time to pack quilts, etc. for class.  Enjoy your day!  Carla


11 thoughts on “Class Today

  1. OK, you are just too humble…you WROTE A BOOK and just thought you’d just kinda drop it into the conversation there? What book did you write…clearly a quilting book, but still….hon, let me know?

    Oh, and that white section of the quilts you did a little stitching on? Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

    Yes, a book on quilting and creativity, but have I published it yet?? LOL That’s still on my to-do list. I want to add a bit more, then self publish it. Did I mention I procrastinate? Yep, that’s my middle name!

  2. I need a new keyboard now… the drooling from looking at this quilt (and all your others before it) has finally taken its toll! LOL Beautiful!!!

  3. So, looking at your original Carla stencil, I must say that there is more than a slight resemblance to a vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes. I’m sure that when the designs are combined, they don’t, but standing alone, there is a very feminine statement. Just saying.

    LOL, Lori!! Who knew I must have been unconsciously channeling my feminine core… too funny! Hmmm… I just thought of something funny to make now!

  4. Beautiful! You are very, very talented! When time allows, can you give me more info or details on the machine that you use and its features?

    Thanks, Debbie, for your nice words… I use a longarm quilting machine by A1 Quilting machines. I work from the front of my machine primarily doing freehand work, though I love to sneak in a stencil here or there.

    If money were no object, I would buy a A1 and add an intelliquilter (robot quilting system). That way, I could draw and save freehand designs that I like, then I could push a button and the robot system could implement my design! Until that day, I must content myself with doing it the old-fashioned way. *sigh*

    I always recommend that if interested in a longarm or midarm quilting system, you test drive them all to find the right fit for you. If you are interested in a test drive, I could hook you up with your local dealer. I do not work for this company, by the way, just a happy customer. Take care! Carla

  5. Lori….you are too funny!!!! So, tell us Carla…..was that your intent…to make FEMININE STATEMENT?!

    LOL… must have been a freudian slip or something…LOL!

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