Historic Day in America

Today is a good day, a fresh start for the United States of America.  No matter what your political bent is, or who you voted for, we can appreciate the historical perspective of this day.  In a peaceful transition of government, one President, Barack Obama, is sworn in and one President, George W. Bush, leaves behind his executive and political power to retire to his Texas ranch.

It is this peaceful transition which makes democracy stand out among other forms of government.  Our forefathers were wise enough to plan for a bloodless changeover from one political philosophy to another, this is where democracy shines.   Today, we are not Republicans and Democrats, Independents, or other  political party; today, we are all Americans.

As Americans, we join together to welcome our new president to his office, Barack Obama.  President Obama is, as we know, the first President of African/American descent to take office.  I am proud that this happened, next I hope one day to elect a woman to this highest position as well.  Thus said, today is Barack Obama’s moment in history- and in that I wish him wisdom and strength to heal our economy and effectively deal with the foriegn issues at hand.

I am writing this as the inaugural events are unfolding in Washington DC.  Having traveled to DC and visited the Mall many times, I can appreciate how many people are present to watch President Obama be sworn in.  The camera scans the crowds, revealing a patchwork of ethnicity’s, people in all sizes, colors and beliefs.  Faces filled with excitement and joy.  For today, they are not merely black or white, rich or poor, Democrat or Republican, they are American.

7 thoughts on “Historic Day in America

  1. Carla
    Absolutely correct in all that you’ve said. Today is a day I will not forget. As a person who has been raised (a thank you to my parents) without prejudice it thrills me that this nation has elected an African American as our President. I admire him and I believe this intelligent man will make a positive change in our nation. We need to come together as a nation whether Republican/Democrat/Independent and fix the problems we face in unity instead of being a nation divided. I feel hopeful for the first time in many years and it is something to celebrate.

  2. not to dampen anything… but wth was up with all the trash left by all those people?…. it looked like a sea of garbage.. Just bugs me.. the world is watching people! Those monuments should be treated with respect. UGH… Just bugging me…

  3. Carla, I was so happy to read your post. It was just what I would have said if I’d found the words. Oh, I see that Sharon Dixon has already Commented! See my blog for a picture of us at the theater watching the inauguration! We just felt like we had to take the time out and mark the day.

  4. Amen, Carla! I am in great hopes that we will see in our days a United States of America once again…I am so tired of the finger pointing that has gone on for far too long…and that is from someone living in Illinois!!!! LOL..I just want to see ALL US citizens united as one!! Thanks for this post!!! It was very inspirational to me!!!

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