My Quilt (WIP 1)

I was chased out of my quilt studio by Woody the Redneck contractor, who wanted to finish installing the electronics for my HUGE entrance gate.   But that’s another post for the future.

Instead, I wanted to share with you all, and especially Barb, little sneak peek photos  of my quilt progress.  Yes, in case you are curious, this one belongs to me!  Barb was kind enough to design and piece this quilt for me:


Back to work now!  Carla


9 thoughts on “My Quilt (WIP 1)

  1. oooohhhhh — that made my day …. I love what you’re doing …I would have never thought of the lines and then the curves….how exciting!!!

  2. Hi Barb, I think it breaks up the space nicely, and gives more interest to the border. I like the straight lines as a lovely contrast to the freehand lines. It will also complement what I am doing in the body of the quilt.

    At least that is how my brain thinks. LOL

  3. Beautiful Carla! I love straight lines and curves and always break up larger borders. Can’t wait to see the rest, hopefully in person. You will have this at MQS won’t you??

    I only seem to piece backgrounds…I’m trying to talk Mary into piecing a top for me to quilt. It would be such fun to have a sister’s quilt!

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