Hidden Talent?

I will confess a hidden talent if you will too.  What talent do I speak of, or know how to do, that I have never admitted publically before?  I will confess to cutting both my husband’s and son’s hair!  Every month, too.  For about 4 years.

My Aunt Gwen taught me.  You know her… she’s the one that sent me that wonderful Microwave Potato Bag and inspired the tutorial.  Aunt Gwen used to cut, color and style my hair for most of my younger life.  When she was in Cosmetology School, she would experiment on my head, as well as my sister Yvette.  There’s a funny photo of me on my 8th birthday with a puffy modified beehive, clutching the Beatles Revolver album.  Yes, I had great taste in music even then..  LOL!

There was also the time I was turned into a Little Orphan Annie lookalike when Aunt Gwen was learning perms.  I also remember that horrible punked and spiked cut she thought would be cool for me in the early 1980’s…  NOT!

But she did give me several lessons on how to cut and trim men’s hair.   I would show you photos, but my victims subjects do not wish their photos to be shown. Oh well.

Anyway, I’ve decided that cutting hair is kinda like doing fiber art.  You are going for a certain “feel” to your project, and yet you also want to trim and even certain areas up.  It is very visual.  Yes, it’s another artform.  LOL!

Your turn!  Spill… you know you want to do it!  I want to hear about ALL your hidden talents!  Gwen…  You out there??

10 thoughts on “Hidden Talent?

  1. No hidden talents that I’m aware of…but I used to be the guinea pig for my sister when she was going thru Cosmo school! I had some seriously WEIRD haircut. The two worst were seriously crooked bangs…asymmetrical when it wasn’t fashionable. Then there was the beveled haircut where the back of my head was practically shaved…I looked like a freak show. I do remember my boss and co-worker laughing so hysterically that they had to leave the room. Ahhh…memories…

  2. I too cut all of my families hair! And my husband cuts mine.

    I am also, if I say so myself, a kick-*ss sailor.

    There you go, off the top of my head…oh, and the kids are always impressed that I can whistle really loudly with my fingers, and I can shuffle cards pretty cool. Also, and possibly most importantly, I can turn my tongue upside down!!!

    Little did you know!

  3. Does this qualify — I know the words to all the verses of Silent Night. Now I couldn’t sing it as a solo (partly because I don’t have a solo type voice), I have to have a backup group (a congregation of singers) to sort of get me going on each verse.
    No matter how out of shape I seem to get, I can bend over and touch my whole hands to the floor.

    I don’t think either of these are as impressive as the other achievements posted here so far, but I do think this is a fun topic.

  4. Oh well ok…if it takes touching the floor no matter how out of shape I am….THEN I fit into that category! I am a mean pogo stick user/hopper…but don’t ask me to use a hoola hoop. I can throw a mean spiral football and actually have it reach the intended receiver.

    ….now I feel better…I do have hidden talents…

  5. I can make a mess of my house in 5 minutes flat!
    I can make tender cuts of turkey into turkey jerky.
    I can tame wild kindergartners with the magic trick of staring into their little eyes without blinking once….

  6. When I play battleship with someone, I can SEE the shadow outline of the other guys ships. You know, on MY screen but in the right locations. I have tested this over and over. My husband stopped playing with me. I can’t do it with cards or any other things but occasionally I SEE a glowing “box” such as in “Who wants to be a Millionaire” game. It is a fun fact of mine!

  7. When I started seeing my hubby he asked me to cut his hair! What!! I had never cut anything but my daughters bangs as they grew up and they were always cut way too short! My girls would have hissy fits when I got near them with a pair of scissors! But I guess I have obtained more wisdom as I have aged becuase I can do a mean hair cut on my hubby! Better than his barber did before I started cutting his hair! Who would have thought it… 🙂

    I can also cook a mean steak, I make wonderful potato salad… and make the BEST sweet tea…just ask my family…

    I also have a private eye bone in my body…If you are searching for anything…I AM YOUR MAN!…or should I say woman!….My sister says I missed my calling… 🙂

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