Quick Trip

Business took me to the Bay area of San Francisco the last 2 days, it is so incredibly good to be home again.


Quilty Update:  I am starting a new show quilt.  This one was also designed and pieced by Barb, who also pieced this recent quilt.  Anyhow, I cant wait to get started!

Happy Weekend!  What are you plans??  Carla


9 thoughts on “Quick Trip

  1. It sounds like a good place for your son. How did he like it? I can’t wait to see your new show quilt. I love to see your creativity.

  2. I was wondering where you disappeared to … i was worried you got sick or something… glad you found a program you like. I hope Joseph likes it.


  3. The Egyptian quilt is beautiful. Kudos to such a great sounding program for your son; best wishes to him and hope he feels comfortable there. Can’t wait to see your son’s quilt in progress and of course, the next show quilt.

  4. I’m glad you found a place that your son likes. It makes such a difference when they can live independently. I have my nephew and his girlfriend visiting this weekend. We are tie dyeing today!

  5. It seems like the trip went well. Please let us know you Joseph liked the facility. Can’t wait to see the next show quilt!

    Karen A.

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