Egyptian Quilt-Pictures Added

Yes!  It is finally completed!  This one took alot of time.  Here are some sneak peek pictures of the stunning Egyptian themed quilt pieced by Barbara Kiehn and quilted by me.

Sorry,  I cannot show you a full picture  of the quilt, only the back and a close up or two.  My collaborator plans to make a quilt pattern in the future from her original design:






There are lots of Egyptian motifs in this one,  scattered around the quilt.  Then I just quilted a ton of texture, varying the size and adding geometric for interest.

Hope you have enjoyed the photos!!  This quilt will be on display next month at the Folsom, CA guild show.  Regards, Carla

30 thoughts on “Egyptian Quilt-Pictures Added

  1. I love the black, and shooting the photos late in the day like you did (or early morning, but the light doesn’t look like that) brings the work up so beautifully….

    When do we see photos from the SoCal visit????

  2. Thanks once again for stunning results — I was going to let the hubby use this to cover up when he got cold — now it needs to go on the wall. What a difference quilting makes — you have such a knack for looking at a quilt and seeing just what to do to enhance and improve a quilt. Seeing it in person is so much better than photos (although the photos are great). I just love it!!

    It was good to see you yesterday, Barb! Glad Lewis loved his quilt! I agree, it was hard to capture the quilting, I need to make myself a side lighting set-up. Anyway, I loved the colors in this quilt and had fun coming up with the heiroglyphics. Yes, make Lewis a snuggle quilt to use while it visits a few shows LOL.

  3. Thank you for your encouraging comments. I like to create my own quilt designs, and this one I was experimenting with making my own stencils for the corner motifs.

    My next one will have more motifs using this technique, I want to experiment more before I reveal it. LOL

    Anyway, thank you for your kind words about my quilting effort.

    Hugs, Carla

  4. I have been watching your progress on this one and it is spectacular! You really have a flair in bringing out the best in any top!

    I keep hoping to see the photos of your week away……….sounds like you did a ton of different things.

    Ami, I just posted Part 1 of Creative Adventure Week! LOL Thanks for checking in! Hugs, C

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  6. The quilting on this quilt is gorgeous! Love the egyptian motifs. Your feathers or swirls or whatever are gorgeous too! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Wonderful! Great,

    In Bengal, quilting is at least a couple of millenia old,when Budhha wore his ‘cloaks’ made from old, quilted and patchworked textiles. Since then, different States in India have developed different styles. Bengal made quilts with several layers of old saris (recycle, reuse!!!) at least 500/600 years ago, holding the layers with patterns made from the simple running stitch. (No other padding was used.) The patterns on the quilts were what the village women had in their minds: village vignettes, carriers of gods and goddesses, flora and fauna of that area, the tree of life and many other patterns.

    We, in Kolkata, have been trying to revive these precious quilt styles, in the villages. For more information, please write at Shamlu Dudeja

    • Tia, this was a custom design by my friend, Barbara Hilton Kiehn. Quilting designs are mine. Barbara is on Facebook, you could certainly contact her there. This is a beautiful quilt!

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