More Egyptian Quilt

I’m almost finished with Barb’s Egyptian quilt.  I think she will be happy with it, I am now working on the SID and detail work:


and this one:


If you can believe it, I’m actually using my extended base for a change.  LOL!

T0morrow morning I leave for my creative adventure with Lori.  I’ll take my digital camera and laptop so I can upload pictures of what we do.

For the long drive, I am loaded up with books on CD.  They help pass the time.

Hugs, ftom Carla

15 thoughts on “More Egyptian Quilt

  1. I think she will be thrilled with it! Beautiful quilting.

    I bought an A-1 this year. I love my machine, but haven’t used the extended base much yet.

    Deb, I purchased a metal extended base- it works much better than the green plastic one that shipped with my machine. Congrats on your new machine!!

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