Another pic of Jack

Ok, I admit it… I love showing off pictures of my cute grandson, Jack.  Here he is with his mom, Aimee, taken on Christmas Day:


What I’m working on:  I’m back working on the Egyptian quilt.  I hurt my elbow, so I ‘m only working for an hour or so per day on it.

My favorite, and only, sister is coming for a visit, so I’m also cleaning  for that.  Why is it we clean when guests come so they don’t think we are actually slobs?  LOL  My friends know I do have a clean house, but my sister puts me to shame.  She got most of the “anal” genes in the family and I guess I got the artistic ones.

Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Another pic of Jack

  1. Good that your sister got the anal genes, you need it in the yacht-y industry……I think it is so cool that you give out these free tutorials. Really really fantastic. Not that I have done any of them, but it is great that they are out there… I need a sewing machine……..

  2. I used to be anal…but losing that … anymore i have given up the idea that I am somehow better if I have a clean house… It’s liberating… So that’s the test now days…. if you can’t handle my house the way it is..or I can’t handle having you in my house the way it is… YOU DON’T VISIT…. HA


  3. My sister, Debbie, got amongst the anal genes in my family…a few were spread amongst the other 6…I did not get any of them! I suppose as far as creative genes are concerned I got my fair share but they are not the same creative genes that you have. Yours are first rate!

    That is a fantastic picture of Jack!

    Hope your elbow feels better soon.

    Karen A.

  4. Anal about the house and longarm room. Downright slob in the sewing room. Have heard it is ‘an artist at work’- I’ll go with that(gives me a good excuse anyway). Love the photo of Jack~so cute. Anxiously awaiting the photos of the Egyptian quilt. Hope the elbow is better soon.

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