Merry Christmas!

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday!  Check out who came over to share the day:


Jack is sharing his blocks in the photo above with his grandfather.  He is  so incredibly cute and we enjoyed spending out holiday with him!

Santa was good to me and so he did bring me my jump ring maker, plus a new computer and a tablet add-on.  I also got some more metal art stuff for my new studio- which will be set up in the garage.

So… your turn, what was YOUR favorite present?

Happy Holidays, Carla

PS:  Here is my holiday greeting for you:


8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

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  2. There is something about the shape of Jack’s little head and face that brings back memories of my baby boy when he was that age. I can’t believe he is 17 now. Jack sure is a cutie!

    I hear you, Randi! Jack is the spitting image of his father, my son! He cheers us up just to be around him! Hugs, C

  3. We didn’t do gifts to each other! ( however i did buy myself a nice camera on my b-day earlier in the month- Enjoying that!) so no comment on the favorite gift thing…. Sounds like you got spoiled though! I have been looking at getting a tablet ….and i think i narrowed one down in my research… it will be awhile though…which one did you get?

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