Day before Christmas

The happy day is almost here!  I love Christmas, especially the part when you see your loved ones, celebrate the day together,  and open presents.

Speaking of presents,   probably the weirdest Christmas present goes to this product, a Rodex 4000, which takes care of any gopher problem a homeowner might have.  But don’t take my word for it, watch it for yourself:

Next up, pictures of our new Commander in Chief are showing up on the internet from his Hawaii vacation.  He looks mighty fine, too.  Here is the link if you are curious.

I was out shopping yesterday and I’m telling you, I saw NO signs of a slowing economy.  It could be that everyone was waiting until the last minute to shop.

I do most of my shopping online.  The only problem with that is waiting for the FedexUPS DHL delivery guy  to bring them in time.  Right now, I am awaiting 2 huge gifts that were supposed to be delivered yesterday.

On my list is a jump ring maker set from Contenti Metal Supply.  I found I really enjoy making chain maille bracelets and necklaces,


so I asked to have a jump ring maker to make my own jumprings.

What is on YOUR list??

Up next… my annual Christmas card.   Hugs, Carla

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