Whatdoyoumean I’m not alive?

Here’s a true story:  My elderly-but -youthful dad recently pulled out his credit card to pay a bill.  The charge was denied.  Knowing this couldn’t be right, my dad calls the credit card company to ask why, and they tell him the charge was denied because he is dead.

I kid you not!  So now he has to prove that he still is among the living, also let the credit bureaus know that he did not expire.

Anyone else run into this with either yourself or a parent?  Any tips for correcting a snafu such as this?   Any one care to share their tale of the absurd??


Keep watching for more photos on my current quilt.  Hugs, Carla

9 thoughts on “Whatdoyoumean I’m not alive?

  1. WeiRDDD!!! Shouldn’t it be kind of easy? Answer those security questions and all? He should really check with the credit bureaus and be careful there hasn’t been some identity theft. Talk to the bank fast and they will give you the numbers to confirm it and to warn them of what is up. There are two, and they hold your credit rating and approve any cards that are applied for….

  2. I read in the AARP magazine that when someone dies, you should alert the credit bureaus so that anyone could not open a new account in that name. But I’ve never heard of your situation, except in the movies. You may need a lawyer to straighten things out….

  3. We had the opposite problem when DFIL passed away a coupl e of years ago some of the people sending him bills, and other things just did not get it that he was dead. DH and I began to actually laugh about how absurd things got like with his AAA membership. We told them he had expired and they insisted that he was going to lose his benefits if he did not pay his renewal…………………well I don’t thing he needed the AAA in heaven.

    I do hope your dad gets it sorted out fast…………that is actually not so funny and actuallly kind of scarey.

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