WIP Monday

It’s beginning to look like Christmas here in the Northern California Foothills.  We’ve had snow the last few days, but it has melted.  Right now, it is starting to accumulate, so I’m hoping I can get a good picture tomorrow morning to show you.

Now that I have my batting, I’ve loaded and have started the beautiful Egyptian quilt.  Here is a picture to remind you:


I have one more quilt to do  before Christmas, the next one is for a friend’s daughter.

Then, my favorite (and only) sister, Yvette, is coming for a visit right after Christmas.  She shocked me by asking if I would help create her very first quilt- a baby quilt.  Once I picked my jaw off the floor, I agreed.  I’m still thinking of a easy quilt that would only take one day to piece…  Ideas???

Still haven’t finished my two freeform crochet scarf projects, been sidetracked by online Christmas shopping.  Remember that purple/blue/green one?  Susan Italo had a birthday on Sunday, and this scarf is earmarked for her:


Remember the Bella Bella book that was published last year?  Susan did some quilting for the author, so if you have that book, you can see her work.

So the big question of the day is….

Have you finished your Holiday shopping or not??  Do you procrastinate like me or do you have it wrapped and organized before Thanksgiving?  Something in between?  Do Tell!

12 thoughts on “WIP Monday

  1. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL on the Christmas shopping thing.. went out today for just a bit and ended up buying myself and awesome J Jill outfit… some camera filters.. some holiday cheer… and well….it was all for me! LOL So Yes I guess I will be the late one too.. LOL


  2. Check out Blue Underground’s Posh Tot for a quick baby quilt….I’ve used it lots and have enlarged it to twin size.

  3. Make one of those quilts you mentioned where you take one piece of fabric, slice it up, and then sew it together again…

    Xmas…well, am I done? Yes and No. I was done, but more people keep appearing, and work based invisible friends keep appearing, so I think I am done and then I’m not. Almost enough to make you a grinch.

  4. Fortunately, there isn’t much I have to do. There’s lots of tie dye being given from the Welsh home this year! LOL! I have some gift boxes I want to make, 2 more shirts to dye and the wrapped cord bowl to finish. I think that’s it……

    That quilt is beautiful. I can’t wait to see your magic on it!

  5. I am starting mine today. Since town is over half an hour away, I only go to town on Tuesdays. I try to get everything done then.
    I have no idea what to get the grandgirls (8 and 9) but lil man (3) wants a guitar.

  6. I’m all done with Christmas shopping with the exception of picking up two Hess trucks. The boys are old enough at this point that they will not play with them (9 and 15). They will be put away with the rest of them…just a nice collection for them for when they get older or have their own kids.

    I still have to wrap gifts but I’ve been working on baking some cookies. I was supposed to make a cheesecake for school tonight, but life has a way of getting in the ‘way’ sometimes. So now I have 10 packages of cream cheese and only 1 cheesecake on ‘order’ for Christmas day.

    Can’t wait to see what you do with the egyptian quilt…

    Karen a.

  7. Baby quilt: How about a nine patch with blocks on point with alternate blocks blank and a nice blank border………………..quick and the quitling could be amazing later!

    Shopping…………………….no I am still quilting. just loade the last customer quilt today and hope to finish it by tommorow…………….then I will hit the ground running to get ready for Christmas!

  8. The Egyptian quilt is beautiful and can’t wait to see what you do with it! Make sure you pick subtle fabrics for the baby quilt so your wonderful quilting shows up for us to see. Whatever the pattern, your quilting will make it sing for sure. Holiday shopping?! Just had a good chuckle with my husband, yesterday, about this… not like I didn’t have a whole year to think about it, but here I am again in the same mess of being behind. So typical, but it IS fun isn’t it?!

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