Semester is Finished!

This morning is my last class of the semester, so I have been busy getting my portfolio ready to turn in.   We have to show the instructor the metal art created, plus sketches of each project:


Here is a silver necklace that was simple, yet I will wear it more than some others:


Still no word on the missing batting.  I will ask Joe to go over and see if the tenant/pitbull owner is home.  That way, I don’t have to subject myself to seeing the place…. or getting bit!  LOL!

Speaking of Joe, he is safely home from India.  I was a bit nervous after all the terrorist activity there recently, and with India and Pakistan making threats of war against each other this past week.  It is good to have him home again.

Enjoy your weekend!  Carla

9 thoughts on “Semester is Finished!

  1. Oh my…love the necklace…I think you are kissing that batting goodbye, which is a shame to say the least, but not worth getting maimed by a pitbull for….


  2. I love that coiled metal piece with the blue droplet bead. Do you have an Etsy shop where I can shop, shop, shop? Your jewelry work is as beautiful as your quilting and your freeform crochet. Congratulations on using your talent so well!

  3. What a lot of work you’ve done on your jewelry!!! The sketches are great. I love the silver piece with the blue drop bead — what is the bead made of? Where did you take this class?

  4. Thankfully Joe must have missed the trouble over there and he is home safe.
    Love the portfolio…….and the necklace is gorgeous!

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