Return of the Dive Rental

Remember all my funny old stories about living in the dive rental while I was building my new house??  It was nicknamed the “dive rental” because the rental market was nil at the time and it was either rent that horrible place or pitch a tent on the build site?

The dive rental was truly a dive.   No insulation, only heat was a pellet stove during a pellet shortage,  I had to sterilize the place before moving in,  including buying LARGE room size rugs so my feet didn’t touch the carpet, at least the carpet that wouldn’t come up.  Ick.

I was never so happy to leave it, in fact I asked Woody if I could be there when they tore it down to make way for some new homes on the spot.  Of course, then the economy took a dive as well, so the dive rental still lives- and filled with new tenants. Poor souls.

Well the dive rental has come back to haunt me.  Here’s how:  I placed a HUGE batting order consisting of a roll of batting plus a huge box of black batting from the Batting Company on Dec 3rd.  (For all you non-quilters, yes, there are companies that make batting for quilts)

So I called up the batting company and discovered that my batting order was accidentally sent to the DIVE RENTAL!!!  Oh no!!!   So I tell the Batting company that I will attempt to retrieve the delivery, but it might be a long-shot.  I will call the landlord, who happens to be Woody the Redneck Contractor, to contact the tenant.  Trust me- I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried!!

So I call Woody, and bring him up to speed.  He  tries to get a hold of the current tenant, but the guy is at work and/or not answering his phone if he has one.  Hmmm… howabout if Woody meets me over there in case the delivery is sitting out by the trash, or outside the house?  “No,” Woody replies, “the guy has a pit bull guarding the house.”  It figures.

So I call back the batting company and tell them  I was unable to find out what happened to my order.  I did remind them that when I placed my order, I verified my current ADDRESS with the staff.  This is their oops.

Thus said, I tell them I will attempt to recover the packages, however, they may have been either 1) thrown away, 2) burned in a huge burn pile, 3) is keeping this guy’s pit bull warm at night, or worse yet, 4) covering a meth lab operation!!

Will keep you posted on the outcome…  are there any optomistic souls out there who think I will retrieve the batting intact and unopened?

8 thoughts on “Return of the Dive Rental

  1. oh no!!!!! i’m going to hope against hope that he’s a) refused the shipments and it’s on it’s way back to sender, b) he’s forgotten about it and it’s sitting in the house all safe, c) actually contacts woody and tells him about it ..

    chances are – it’s bedding for his pitbulls .. but I will hope against hope ..

    hugs n good luck with it

  2. We lived in a dive rental while our house was being built too. Luckily we only had to be there for 3 months, but it was a very long 3 months. It was so damp, the ceiling dripped, in the middle of summer! And then there were the mice that lived in the wood stove, and who knows who lived under the house. I hope you get your batting soon.

  3. I’m betting on the pit bull, who isn’t guarding the house but guarding the meth lab! Look forward to the rest of the sory, and hope it is a happy ending.
    Judy B

  4. Don’t go there!!! Make the batting company send you a new order — not worth the risk.

    I too lived in a dive rental (in one of the best areas of town). When we had the home inspected he found literally hundreds of health and safety violations (black mold, heating a/c vents under the house open and critters living there — no wonder the heating/AC bills were thru the roof LOL) — the garage door spring didn’t work and it came down and gave my hubby a concussion! — with paper in hand we broke the lease. Should have taken them to small claims court but didn’t have the energy to go to court.

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