Kimono Quilt Finished!

This quilt went home today.  I really enjoyed myself on this kimono shaped quilt that belongs to Jerry.

Sit back and enjoy the show.  I used both new and older elements with the quilting:



another closeup:


here is my new koi with quilting around it:


And the cool lighting shot with the sun streaming in through the window.  Notice my favorite asian flower motif, too:


I hope you have enjoyed this quilt.    Jerry did a fabulous job on the quilt construction.  A simple, yet effective use of the focus panel and fabric.

Regards, Carla

Postscript:  This free pattern is no longer available, so I drew this up to assist quilters wanting to make one.  Use the pictures to fine tune my sketched pattern.  Hope this help!


29 thoughts on “Kimono Quilt Finished!

  1. Outstanding!! Both the quilt and the quilting — amazing work on both. A very dramatic looking quilt. I love the vertical quilting lines with the feather like areas — very unique.

  2. Carla, This is spectacular! Simply WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Does Jerry have any plans to enter this into a show?? If not, perhaps you could persuade him.


    Karen A.

  3. Wow it is really beautiful. I love your new Koi! By the way what do you use to mark you stencils…………like the circle ones you show in the last photo or do you do those freehand?

    To get perfect circles with no muss or fuss, I use a pattern board. I quilt a series of 4 circles- 2 for the outside of the circle and 2 at the center. Then I sketch a flower shape using a piece of Crayola chalk. The rough fish shape was drawn in place on the quilt with the chalk, then stitched. Details are added.

    The flower design was a part of a larger stencil by Pat Campbell. I now quilt it freehand in all sizes.

    Also I am trying to find a holepunch so I can try some of your bookmarks. I hope to try Harbor Freight tommorow when I go to town………….those would make good gifts for my kids teachers.

    I went to the Harbor Freight website and found a <a href=”″>set for $4.99. The one I bought there cost more, a punch and die set for 24.99.

  4. WOWSA! Like i told you on the phone.. this is beautiful! and I am even more impressed now that I know Jerry is a man! ( not that I don’t think a man is capable of making beautiful things! HA) I love this! You did a great job quilting as he did piecing!

  5. Thank you for all your lovely comments! I appreciate your encouragement!

    I am so proud of my straight lines, the textural background behind the middle ground of the kimono. Last year, I decided to get over my reluctance to quilt straight lines, including SID work. This is the first quilt where I thought quilting the lines was simple, so I must be getting better at it! LOL

    I love my new koi!! He goes in my keeper file! I’ve been thinking of adding him to my book I wrote about 2 years ago, and finally publishing it. The subject matter is creativity in quilting and choosing designs.

    Anyhow, thank you for commenting! Hugs, Carla

  6. This is beautiful, Carla. I’m drooling all over the lap top. I love this koi the best. – The bookmarks are neat, am going to give them a try for gifts (last minute.)Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents.

  7. Carla,

    As always, simply stunning. I’m envious of your work and talent. Maybe someday I can come sorta close. Thanks for the show!

  8. My god this is stunning – if you don’t mid I am going to feature this in my blog and give you credit with a link back. Truly inspiring!

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  10. I would like to make the kimono quilt, do you know where I can purchase the kimono back pattern? Your prompt response is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    • Margaret, I drew out a basic pattern to help you and others wanting this pattern. Use the photos to fine tune the design and for fabric placement. Hope this helps!

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