New Koi

I’m about finished with the lovely kimono quilt and I just need to do some fill work.  I drew up a new koi and I’ve decided I like him alot.  Here he is quilted:


Btw, in case you are curious, I am using a very dark shade of gray on the black borders.  It shows the quilting just a bit more, and I can see where I am going.  The last kimono quilt I did was quilted with black thread and so it made my life more difficult.

I’m also experiementing with wire crochet.  I want to combine beading, wire and fiber for a necklace.  Here is the crochet wire part:


So far, I like how it is coming out.  I will also make a second one and then make it smaller by drawing it thru a drawplate.


Quote seen on a SUV: “Hire a Teenager while they still know it all.”

For those of you who laugh and understand this phrase, you are probably already through the teenage years.  Many of you have teenagers at home, so you also get it. The teenage years can be a tough time for parents, that’s for sure.

Karen is working on her psychology masters, and has a quick  2 minute questionnaire for you to answer.  You can answer it here,  or on Karen’s blog.  If you don’t want to answer in a public forum, leave me a comment and I’ll email you privately.

Participating would help Karen out in her class.  I hope you will participate.  Thanks from Carla and Karen’s short questionnaire follows:

1. Who do you believe has more influence on adolescents (Ages 12 – 17)

a.  Parents

b.  Peers

2. Are you a parent? (not necessary that you be a parent – just curious)

a.  Yes

b.  No

3. Have you ever parented a teenager? If so, please answer below. If not, please skip to Question #6.

a.  1 – 2

b.  3 – 4

c.  5 or greater

5. What is their gender?

a.  Female

b.  Male

c.  Both

6.  Are you male/female?

a.  Female

b.  Male


10 thoughts on “New Koi

  1. 1.Parent…though I don’t think the parents always realise this, and the kids won’t admit it.

    2. yes

    3. 1

    4. there is no 4 [OOPs- my bad!] Carla

    5. female


    6. me too.

    The Koi is gorgeous. Hating Catalan right now, and just wish I could do something creative and fun rather than beating my brains out. So lovely to see what you are doing.

  2. Hi Carla

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the koi .. he’s just gorgeous!!! I think I just turned a nasty shade of green LOL

    I’ll answer the questions here as there’s not a specific post to comment on on Karen’s blog .. I’ll leave her a comment tho and welcome her to blogging 😉

    1. b – altho this depends on your relationship with your child – the more open your lines of communication, the better the chances are that parents have more influence .. so far i’ve been lucky as kyle’s resisted the negative influences (on his own, then talked to me about it .. scary stuff there!!)

    2. yes

    3. a – just starting as kyle just turned 13 in June

    4. no #4 to answer

    5. b

    6. a

  3. So, I want to do the wire crochet too. What wire are you using? If you add beads, do you string then on the wire before starting to crochet and then pull them up when you want them in the crocheted part?

  4. Carla, I really admire your work. It is a God given gift. I look forward every day to look at your blog to see what new projects you have to share with us. Thank you

    Here are my answers:
    1) b

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