Handmade Holiday Gifts

This month, I’ve decided to write some more tutorials to celebrate the season.   These will be gifts you can make yourself to give to friends, family, teachers, etc.  My first one is almost finished, all I have left is to photograph the individual steps for the visuals.  All of them will be geared for beginners.

How’s that for a teaser?  LOL  I’ve decided to make some of my gifts this year.  Not only is it economy friendly,  you are giving of yourself to others: your time, effort, etc.

Speaking of gifts, I did finish my first one yesterday.  It is a freeform crochet scarf for someone, and I love the colors in this one:


For new visitors to my blog, I already have a tutorial on how to make this present.  You can also click on the birdy link on the right side for a list of all my free tutorials.


Quilting Update:  I just ordered some black batting for a number of quilts I need to do.  Since I can’t start the Egyptian quilt until the batting arrives, I’m starting another kimono quilt that looks like this:


That’s all for now!  Hugs, Carla

13 thoughts on “Handmade Holiday Gifts

  1. The colors of the freeform scarf as just spectacular!! I’m wondering if you would put together some kits for sale. Your sense of color is just awesome.

    The qulit is lovely. Are those fabrics silk or cottons? Perhaps you can ask Jerry while he is visiting. Can’t to see this one finished.


    Karen A.

  2. That scarf is decadent! It may be your best yet! I am using this as inspiration to start one today. Thank you for renewing my creative juices flowing after many days of quilting customer holiday quilts.

  3. I’ve seen the fabric for the center of the kimono — it’s cotton — designed like a panel. That sure is pretty.

    Love the colors of the scarf — jewel tones are always my favorites.

    • lizellen, I do not know the name of the kimono pattern as it was a customer who made this quilt. However, if you were to google “kimono quilt pattern,” you will find it easily. The customer modified the original pattern by using part of a panel and other small adaptations.

      If you are referring to my scarf, I made the scarf using no pattern, just my own design.

      Good luck! Carla

  4. I’ve searched everywhere for this kimono quilt pattern – to no avail. I have 2 gorgeous panels that could be used for the center of this quilt. Can you tell me where to get sewing instructions/pattern for this quilt? Or is it your own design?

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