Weekend Events

With Dad and Doris here visiting, we really wanted to do something special with them.  The first night, we went out to our local little Mexican Food Restaurant.  I figured that is easier than cooking, right?  LOL

Gold Rush Site: Yesterday was a great day!!  In the morning, with the sun shining brightly, we drove to the California Gold Discovery site park to spend some time.

sutters-mill suttermill2

Look how pretty the American River is:


While we were visiting the park, my favorite place was the blacksmith shop, where they had a female blacksmith docent giving a demonstration.  Hmmm…   I could really get into blacksmithing, it looked so much like what I’ve been learning this year, only on a huge scale.

Welding Tank: Then we drove to a welding supply store to pick up my birthday present from my father.  I know I’m strange, but I really wanted an acetylene tank for my soldering torch.  I’m setting up a metal art studio in my garage right now.

State Capitol Building: Then it was on to see Jack and the kids.  Unfortunately, baby Jack was sick with the flu, and DIL Aimee was coming down with a virus, too.  This was my dad’s first visit with Jack since his birth so he could see how cute he is.

Jack’s dad, which is my oldest son, works down at the state capitol as Chief of Staff for a state politician.  This meant we got to visit the state capitol after hours, when it was basically empty.  Here are some nice photos from this trip:


the rotunda (above)

Check out the quilt design on the rotunda floor:



And, in case you don’t know whose office this is, here is a hint:



The annual Christmas Tree was being set up for the future tree lighting ceremony.

After our tour, we strolled over a few blocks to a very nice restaurant here in Sacramento,  Morton’s Steakhouse.  This is not your usual steakhouse, dinner for 5 was about $700+.   Service was wonderful, food was fantastic, and my dessert was thier famous Hot Chocolate Cake… YUM!

Today is a Bar-b-que get together at our house for family.   Joe is smoking some ribs, and I’ll make all the rest.

Hope your holiday was special, too!  Hugs, Carla

PS: Tomorrow, I need to finish the quilt I have loaded on my machine table… keep watching!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Events

  1. I love Coloma — thanks for the reminder — it’s one of the places I’ll take Ethan (my 6 yr old grandson) while he’s off track. We’ve already decided to go to the capital (but not a private tour LOL) — it is such a beautiful old building. I love the floor picture!

  2. Several years ago for work we would be in Chicago near Stephens Convention Center – the Doubletree. This one has a Morton’s in the hotel. We would dine there every time. Someone would foot the bill for the group or split it. It had to be an amazing sized bill as we typically had no less than 12 people at dinner. The food was amazing. We were there one year for my birthday. The guys sung Happy Birthday when this huge cake arrived at the table. Smokes was that cake sinful!

    Sounds like you had a great time…sorry to hear the Jack was ill with the flu.

    Karen A.

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