Thanksgiving Thoughts

Here in the US, we celebrate “Thanksgiving Day.”   It gives us a terrific reason to stop, reflect on all the reasons we are thankful, before we stuff our faces with turkey and all the fixings.  So here goes…

I am thankful for my husband, who continues to love and support me even when my creative pursuits cost a bundle!  Seriously though, he is a good man and my best friend.  To think that we met so many years ago on a blind date is stunning to me- like winning the lottery in love when you least expect it.

Next up is family.  I am thankful for my family- you know who you are.  LOL  My father and his partner, Doris, are coming for a visit tomorrow, so I’m thankful to see them.  This will be his first time to see my new grandson, Jack,  which is yet another reason I am very thankful this year.

I have also been blessed with some really good friends!  Some live locally to me and some do not.  Some I met decades ago and others are newer friends.   Suffice it to say that I could dedicate several dozen posts to my friends and all their terrific qualities.  Thank you for your friendship, for which I treasure.

I don’t do often mix politics and creativity on this blog, but I am thankful to see the peaceful turnover in our government, with President-Elect Obama replacing current President Bush.  Obama strikes me as a thoughtful, intelligent man, and I wish him the best as he tackles some tough issues- Economy, Iraq & Afganistan, terrorism, etc.

This is perhaps a very US-centric thing to say, but my international readers will perhaps forgive me if I say that I often feel as though I won the lottery of life just by being born in the United States.  I never experienced hunger, famine,  civil unrest, and extreme poverty.  Enough said.

I am fortunate that I get to live a creative life, making all the things that I do.  I spend each day doing what I love to do, which is quilting, working with beads, yarn, fabric, fiber and my latest one- metal.  Life is good…

Thanksgiving is also about giving to others.  This Holiday, I partnered with a friend (thanks, Marge!) to provide food to a program.  Joe and I want to do more, so we plan on spending out volunteer time with the local food bank this coming year.

Your turn now.  I want to hear from YOU, and why you are especially thankful this year.  Please leave me a comment about your own personal thanksgiving thoughts.   Hugs, Carla


8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Thoughts

  1. I too am thankful for a supportive and loving husband — the love of my life (40 years and strong) — who puts up with my quilting craziness. For the love of my children, my grandsons and a future granddaughter, all of my family and my friends who have all come thru for me during a difficult time this year.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I am thankful that my best friend is home after three weeks in the hospital. I am thankful for my new granddaughter, Ella; she is so beautiful and such fun. I am thankful that my family was together today and all are healthy and happy.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Carla! What fun it will be to introduce your dad and Doris to Jack! I hope you have a lovely visit with them! I am very thankful to have wonderful friends, who support and encourage me through my various endeavours. I’m also thankful that my boys are both home, and that we are enjoying a wonderful visit!

  4. Hi Carla

    We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Western Australia but we do have a lot to be thankful for.

    I have a very loving, hardworking husband who also is happy for me to persue my creative endevours. Happy, healthy children and living in the “lucky country” Australia is a bonus.

    I am also very thankful that our sponsor child of 2 years in Ethiopia is now able to attend school.

    cheers and Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy!!


  5. More creating…. less politics! This is my escape from the “real world” and I hope it stays that way! Love the jewelry and quilts. Keep up the good work.

  6. Carla, I too am thankful for a loving husband also met on a blind date. And for my wonderful children and grandchildren all of whom are healthy, happy and doing well in life. I know that is something NOT to be taken for granted. I am grateful that most of my extended family was able to be together for the Thanksgiving weekend.

    I don’t mind the politics….probably because I agree with you:) I am grateful that overall there seems to be such a bipartisan spirit since the election and I hope that all of us will give our President-Elect a chance to prove himself before passing judgment.

    I am also blessed with more friends than I can count and for their love and support through some tough times, I’m eternally thankful.

  7. I would love your blog , I am thankful for my family , thankful for the internet and more than certainly thankful for people that have the same interests as me 🙂 Great blog I am saving it to faves.

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