More Homework

More homework pieces completed to show you.  The first one is a pea pod pin, a project from the book,  Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet:

peapod1 (click to enlarge)

Then, in the spirit of re-use and recycle, here is a butterfly pendant necklace using the handle of a silver plated ice tongs I picked up in the local thrift store:

butterfly-necklace (click to enlarge)

Last to show is a work in progress.  One of my assignments is to show a piece using a matrix die in the hydraulic press.  I decided to make a diva shape, so here it is textured, pressed, sawn, and surface patina:

diva (click to enlarge)

Not yet sure how I will finish this one off.  If I stare at it long enough, then it will come to me.

In case you want to see other homework pieces, read this post, this one, and this post.

Now it is time to quilt!  Hugs, Carla


10 thoughts on “More Homework

  1. I LOVE them all…even with the “fear of fire” thing that learning curve for you is much lower than it would have been for me. I’m so very impressed by all your work.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the butterfly!

    karen a.

  2. Wow…. I’m amazed at your awesome creativity! Now I know where my creativity comes from 🙂

    LOL! In case anyone didn’t know this, Amy is my middle child. She took this class a year ago from the same instructor. C

  3. Yes, I really like the pea pod pin, too. Christine, after I finish my coffee, I’ll get up and measure it. I would guess it is about 3 inches.

    Of course, the beads inside are from one of my therapeutic bead sifting sessions at my local bead store bead box. LOL!

    Thank you! I appreciate your kind words. I can’t wait to finish some quilting now. Hugs, Carla

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