Japanese Kimono Silk Quilt

I have just started the most beautiful small Japanese Kimono silk quilt that I have ever seen.  It is made from antique kimonos belonging to the recipient’s family.   Included are some wonderful photo transfers by the Pixeladies.   Barb brought it yesterday, and it is one of 3 show quilts that we are working on together.  Here it is on my longarm machine quilting table:


The next quilt after this is a stunning egyptian quilt- one with beautiful colors.  I can’t wait to quilt that one, too.

The third quilt was pieced by Barb for me.   I plan to quilt it with some innovative carla designs.  The working title is “Carla’s Garden,” but I need to come up with one that is better, one without my name in it.  LOL    Hmmm…  I’m sure a new name will happen as I work on it.

More quilty pics and news as I work on them.


Retail Therapy– Today I visited a discount tool place called Harbour Frieght to pick up more metal working tools.  I found some metal alphabet stamps,


disc cutters, a doming set,


hammers, etc.  of course, the one item they were out of was a polishing/tumbler machine.  While my first love is fiber art, which includes quilting, I find I am really enjoying working with metal.

What are YOU up to creative/art wise????


7 thoughts on “Japanese Kimono Silk Quilt

  1. As you know I do upholstery so I have my own tool set!!!! For a long time I shared tools with Lynn and could never find what I needed. I spent way to much time looking for the tool I

  2. Well I didn’t intend to post yet. I spent way to much time looking for the tool I needed so I put together my own tool set and now I always know where my tools are. He gets the evil eye if he so much as glances their way. Enjoy your new toys Carla.

  3. I used to work with stained glass. Enjoy it very much although you do end up with many small glass cuts on your hands even when being careful. Now my creative side lives vicariously through your blog!

    Karen A.

  4. Your a tease…. I guess we have to wait to see this beautiful kimono quilt! I am sure once you put your crowning touch on it, it will be even more wonderful! Can’t wait to see…. Darn it on the tumbler… you can order it online I think..


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