Anniversary Dirt

It is not every day that 20 yards of lovely anniversary dirt get delivered.  20 yards of topsoil = a huge truck and trailer:

Load #1:


and Load #2:


The truck is HUGE, so it makes the pile of dirt seem small.   Actually, they are almost as tall as I!  Now my DH can have fun on the tractor and spread it around in the back of the house.  We are getting ready to put in a sprinkler system, some grass sod and flower beds to pretty things up. Of course, this is a DIY project.

It is a lovely fall sunny day here in the Northern California foothills.  Simply beautiful!

Rancher Ed’s cow herd is multiplying!  The little calves are so blasted cute!  Living on the ranch, it is fun to watch bovine behavior.  They do interesting things that I never knew.  For instance,  did you know that mom cows give birth away from the herd?  They like to be solitary.  Then they hide their new calf in the tall weeds and go eat some grass.  They keep one eye on where they have hidden their baby, too.  It is not a good idea to get between the Mama cow and her baby.

Another interesting things that Mom cows do… they have their own babysitting co-op!  All the moms park their baby with the babysitter, then they go off to eat grass.  Ive seen as many as 5 babies with a babysitter.

The herd also have a daily pattern.  In the morning, they hang out at the barn.  As a group, they then visit different parts of the ranch at the same time each day.  At night, they like to come up to my house for a visit.

Enough of cows…  enjoy your day wherever you are at!


3 thoughts on “Anniversary Dirt

  1. Ah, nothing says Happy Anniversary than a few piles of dirt!
    Here on the east coast we are just starting the messy and cold season. It would be so nice to be able dig in that dirt…yes, envy has set in.

    Karen A.

  2. yes, we have cows, too…they are too, too funny. we had one momma that ‘forgot’ where she left her baby and was bawling and bawling and looking around. jim had to go find her and lead her to the baby. silly cow.

    i started hand feeding them this summer from things from the garden and now when i go out there, they line up at the gate like the buffet line.

    who knew cows were so hilarious. LOL

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