Kumihimo #2

Now that I figured out how to braid fibers, I wanted to make one for Stephanie.  It needed to match her pendant, so here is what I made last night:


I still think it needs another component for balance, so I just temporarily wrapped one of my chain maille bracelets for the picture.  Stephanie, if you read this, think about adding beads or metal to the braided part.

I like the colors better in this one with matching the pendant.  I used about 20 strands of yarn/fibers in the braid above.

Next, my artistic harmony turns to quilting.  Have lots of quilts to do before Christmas, so I had best get busy!!  I’m also planning another “Carla and Lori Creative Adventure Week” in early January.   This entails a drive to Manhattan Beach with a car loaded with art supplies.  We take over Lori’s living room, and make a HUGE MESS while pursuing our art.  We also teach each other what we have learned since the last Creative Adventure Week.  I come back home with my brain exploding with creative thoughts!!  LOL!

Enjoy your day and do something creative!  Hugs, Carla

2 thoughts on “Kumihimo #2

  1. That creative weeks sounds so amazingly fun….what a great thing to do…a friend has been talking about collaborative art…we would have as many pieces as artists, and they are mailed to each other….each adding, erasing and changing as we go…I hope it gets off the ground, it should be interesting.

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