Awards… Thank You!

Thank you to Christine, Freda and Grace!  They have been kind enough to send me 3 different  awards recently.

Oreneta Aground blog is one of my regular reads.  She is funny, real, interesting, and says what’s on her mind.  I like that!  Christine was nice enough to send me a Kreativ Blogger award:


Freda kindly sent me a lovely Butterfly award, too:

butterfly Thank you, I am honored!!

Freda sent me a funny award:


LOL, I thought it was funny!!  I guess I need to find my ugliest mug and take a picture now.  LOL!

I promise to share the love and send these award on to others in a day or so.  I know I procrastinate, but I will do it!

Tomorrow, my friend, Barb, is coming by for a visit.  I always have fun on our collaborative projects, and I’m looking forward to seeing her.  I even cleaned my studio so she wouldn’t think I’m a slob.  hahaha!   Now to clean all my metal art mess.

Take care, Carla


One thought on “Awards… Thank You!

  1. heh .. i had totally forgotten about that .. I gave that to you just before you went on vaca, then came back so sick ..

    You’re deserving of it and enjoy!



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