More WIP- Metal and Fiber

Since I somehow lost this bracelet:

braceletcopperbead I decided I need to make another.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to make one out of copper or brass, so I decided to do both.  First you saw out the bracelet shape using a jewelry saw.  Then, on the copper one, I decided to run it through the metal roller and create a pattern  in the metal surface.  Next, I took them both to the hydraulic press and made the shape.  File and smooth the edges, clean it, then place them into a patina solution that looks like this:

patination Recipe: 1 part vinegar:3 parts household ammonia mixed into oak sawdust.  In the photo above, I am changing the finish on a copper chain maille bracelet.

Here is what the copper (back) and brass (front) bracelets look like after the patination process:


Next step is to seal in the finish.  I just use some turtle car wax.  After that, I need to weave the beading part, and attach to the bracelet.  That’s it… I’m getting close!

I also wanted to show you my first bezel sterling silver stone setting with my very first rivet:


Faith was kind enough to give me a 1:1 rivet lesson.  I sure appreciate it!

Fiber Goodies

I picked up a cool fiber tool to showcase in a upcoming post.  If you own a yarn stash, you will LOVE it!  Keep watching!


Here is a sneak peek of Lori’s dragon quilt:


The quilting is subtle, as you can see, so that the focal point of this quilt will shine through- which is the dragon, drawn by a talented artist friend named Teri Farrell-Gittins.  Teri’s work is amazing, so you should pop on over for a look.  trust me on this.

Back to Lori’s quilt.  The other focal point is the bright use of colored fabric used in this quilt.  I wouldn’t want to muddy any of the colors, so I am taking the time to change colors in each section.


7 thoughts on “More WIP- Metal and Fiber

  1. wow i would of thought there would be a big difference in patina between brass and copper.. interesting.. thanks for experimenting for me! Ha… Where did you get the findings for your leather on the pendant? Looks nice btw.. very clean..can’t wait to see your other one two… YAY carla! I could see this pendant with some saying stamped around it and LOS’d. Not sure if there would be enough room around the bezel though.. What’s that saying you like to say? I like it the way it is too. Awesome work Carla!

  2. Wow wow and wow again. What are you going to do with those bracelets next? Similar beading work as the one you lost?

    Yes, on one of them. I like how the beads and beading complement the metal cuff bracelet. On the other, I will try other designs. I’ve been toying with some metal and fiber designs, too.

  3. On the oak sawdust does it matter what kind or color of oak. My husband uses a lot of red oak and I wondered if the colors would have an impact.

    I wouldn’t think so. In my yard, I have black oaks and white oaks. I’ve even substituted chewing tobacco in place of the sawdust and got a similar result… just a tad more greener. Than ks for stopping by! Carla

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