Bezel Set Stone WIP

I had fun in my Saturday Metal Art Class!  A huge thank you to Stephanie over on the yepadoodle blog, who kindly taught me how to successfully do a bezel set solder in class today.    Here is what I made, though keep in mind that it is a work-in-progress (WIP):


I still need to “set” the stone, and forge the top section or create a bail that the silver chain will go through.  Isn’t that cabachon stone pretty?  I bought it at a local rock and mineral show the morning I left for Kauai.

I made 2 other bezel sets while at Faith’s, but it took me many more hours than the one above.  As with machine quilting, you get better with practice, practice, practice (PPP)!!

I wore to class one of my almost finished pieces, inspired by a terrific book called Wrap, Fold, Stitch and Rivet:


Oh yes, I also finished another chain maille bracelet using the Byzantine pattern variation.  It is being patina-ed right now, but I borrowed this picture to show you what the pattern looks like:


In the quilting front, yes, I am still working on Lori’s quilt.  I expect to be done within a few days.

Enjoy your weekend!!!    Hugs, Carla


12 thoughts on “Bezel Set Stone WIP

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  2. See! I told you, you would get the soldering if you stuck to it! All you needed was a patient and helpful teacher like Stephanie..HA! I love your necklace even more in the picture..every time I look at it i see something else… Hadn’t even noticed the face til the closeup… The background in the picture is a little competitive.

    LOL, we think alike!! I already replaced it with a new and improved image this morning!

  3. The cabachon is beautiful — love the colors. I never met a more talented and multi-faceted artist than you. You are amazing!

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    • Hi Mary, I achieved the green patina by mixing together several ingredients into oak shavings. I also tried another recipe using chewing tobacco. If you wish, I can locate my notes and post the recipe. Carla

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