Beachcombing and WIP

I promised Karen to share some of my beachcombing finds.  I find it to be very relaxing to walk along the beach and search out anything of interest.  Here are some groups I found during my recent trip to Kauai:

Beach Glass…. I organized them into light and dark beach glass:


and a close up:


and light beach glass:


close up:


I also found some lovely beach pottery that had been transformed by the ocean:


and a close up image:


Then, on a black sand beach on the south side of the island, I discovered these lovely kukui nuts just waiting to be picked up:


I love to also collect shells:


and yet another close up:


some sand from Glass Beach for my collection:



WIP:  Been working on some jewelry for my metal arts class, quilting Lori’s quilt for her daughter Cara, and also working on yet another freeform crochet scarf for myself.  I bought most of the yarn in a little yarn shop in Hanalei, so I’m making it to remind me of the island:


6 thoughts on “Beachcombing and WIP

  1. WOW, what a haul. I love the light green in the first pics and then the blue one close to the top of the first pic. The shells are so much nicer than the ones I found in Marco Island…plus you have much more variety. Beach pottery…that’s a new one.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the freeform scarf…colors, texture…the whole thing…it’s a winner.

    Thanks for sharing!!

    Karen A.

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