More Snapshots from Kauai

Thank you for all your birthday greetings!  I appreciate them all!  Here is the balance of my favorite pictures from Kauai, so sit back and just scroll down:


Did I mention that the condo I rented was right ON the ocean??  Here’s proof:


The first morning we were there was spent in a helicopter:


to take these images:


Above is the Napali Coast and below is Tunnel’s Beach:


Of course, I had to show a waterfall… we saw hundreds of waterfalls on the heli-tour:



Spouting Horn, a spectacular blowhole!

popoi-beach poipu beach

crocs Crocs on vacation…

This next one is for Gina, who LOVES coffee:



Last, but not least… I can’t show pictures of Kauai without showing a picture of a chicken:


I leave you with a image titled, “Chicken at sunrise:”



9 thoughts on “More Snapshots from Kauai

  1. the picture of napali coast…….. what caused that big hole? was water in it?


    Any geology majors out there?? I have two guesses- it is a huge blowhole from when the seas were higher. There is a huge cave below it for the water to enter. It could also be a sinkhole, with the action of the surf smoothing the edges over time. I did take geology, but forgot most of it. Hugs, Carla

  2. beautiful! thanks for sharing with us…it would have been better if you took us with you…but somehow I think that would put a huge dent in the budget…

    When you get time…show us pictures of the sea glass you brought home.

    Karen A.

    Ok, I promise to take some pictures! LOL

  3. I hate to admit it, but the Maui/chicken connection is a little loose for me…don’t get me wrong, I love a chicken photo as much as the next girl…in fact maybe more as I have several….but????????

    LOL, everywhere you go on Kauai, there are chickens and roosters. They roam the island wild, and you see them everywhere!! At the beaches, on the side of the road, even as roadkill. Does that help to explain it? LOL, C

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