Have You Voted?


November 4th is election day here in the US.  I’ve always been a firm believer of exercising my right to vote.  Actually, I voted by absentee ballot, so I cast my ballot a few weeks ago.  Have you voted yet?

Onto Ranch news…  Guess who made a reappearance a few nights ago?  My local mountain lion!  Yes, it was seen very close to my house the other night.  Perhaps it was looking for trick or treaters to steal their malted milk balls or something.  Go figure!  Last night, the cows made an appearance on the front lawn.  And where was Rex?  He has a pact with the cows, and  so he just leaves them alone to munch while he sleeps peacefully in his heated dogloo.

Still under the weather… my voice is now back but I’m sleeping about 18 hours per day.  What’s up with that??  I look forward to being back to my old self.


6 thoughts on “Have You Voted?

  1. I was all over it! All over the kids, all over the friends.. I dont know a soul who didnt vote now.. sigh… job well done:)
    Get better!!

  2. Got out early today to vote…well it’s only a 10 yard walk from my back door…it would be a pathetic excuse if I didn’t get out and Vote!

    Feel better soon.


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