Kauai Snapshots

Here are some Kauai trip pictures for you to enjoy.  First stop- Glass Beach:

A Close up of the beach:

The view from the condo lanai we rented at Kuhio Shore at sunset.  We picked this place due to the closeness to the water:

We stumbled upon a rare monk seal during a morning walk on Ke’e Beach:

After this treat, we snorkeled at Tunnel’s Beach, then decided to check out surf conditions at Queen Emma’s Bath:

As you can see, the surf was too high this day to go into Queen’s Bath.  2 weeks ago in this exact location, 2 women were swept off the rocks to their death.

On the hike back up the cliffs, we stopped to snap this beautiful waterfall:

Another favorite snorkeling spot was in front of the Beach House, which was next to where we were staying:

We ate at a variety of places, including a delightful lunch at Scotty’s Beachside Barbeque on the Coconut Coast where we enjoyed their delightful mai-tais:

Check out our view during lunch:

Notice the hammock above??  It called to me, so here is a slightly different perspective of those coconut palms:

I leave you with a lovely sunset shot from the east shore of the island:

Hope you enjoyed some of my pictures from our trip.  I will share more, including some of the wonderful items brought home.   Aloha from Carla


11 thoughts on “Kauai Snapshots

  1. I love hammocks — it sounds like you had a much needed very relaxing vacation! Beautiful photos! Makes me want to jump on a plane!

  2. Carla, Thanks for sharing, it’s beautiful. I was there when I was pregnant with my first child and he is now 32, so it’s been quite awhile. Looks like you had a wonderful time.

  3. Wow..they weren’t kidding when they called that beach “glass beach” Holy moly! I even see some blue in there! And the rest of the pics.. OMG beautiful! Hope your starting to feel better!

  4. Gorgeous pictures! The glass beach looks fab…bet a bit of that in a jar would look lovely!

    BTW…love the font you have used on your pictures…can I as what it’s called?

  5. Aloha! It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. You took beautiful pictures. I looked for beach glass for you during my recent trip to the coast, but didn’t see any. It looks like you hit the motherload!

  6. Carla

    what gorgeous pictures and views .. thank you so much for sharing .. now .. you think you can zip up that mai tai and send it thru enet???



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