Hairy Leg Quilt- revisited

Based on a comment that Lori made yesterday, I decided to get even showcase a past collaborative quilt that we made during one of our Carla & Lori Adventure Weeks.  This is from January, 2005, I believe.  Anyway, here is the back story before I show you this quilt.

I drove down to Manhattan Beach, where Lori lives, and moved in for a week of non-stop creativity!  We took over her entire front room, and day-after-day, just made stuff.  Occasionally, we would stop and go shop for more supplies.  At a wholesale fabric place, we found this wonderful shoe fabric that inspired us both, so we bought some.

The end result was 2 shoe quilts, one by Lori and one by me.  Lori gave me hers to quilt and of course, I couldn’t just quilt it normally.  LOL  Here is Lori’s masterpiece:

Each shoe/leg was quilted differently.  Here is why we call this the “hairy leg quilt:”

Of course, I thought it was pretty funny to 3-D out the hair on the leg above.  The other legs have a tattoo, bandaid, and the other has colorful hose.

What happened to my masterpiece?  Before I could quilt it,  an ink pen stained 2 of my blocks, so I quickly purchased replacement fabric so I could fix mine.  Of course, it is now a UFO… LOL  I really need to pull mine out and fix it!

Actually, I think I will do that when I get home, quilt it, and then put it in a show just for fun.  I’ve also had numerous requests to make a pattern of this quilt and sell them.   I haven’t done this because I am a procrastinator at heart and also since this was a collaborative project.

And that is the story of the “Hairy Leg Quilt.”  What do you think of Lori’s quilt?

Hugs, Carla


5 thoughts on “Hairy Leg Quilt- revisited

  1. You promised me that you would never do anything with that picture of my hairy legs! LOL!!!!!! Too funny…

    Have a great trip.

    Hugs and safe travels,


  2. Lori has mentioned her Hairy Leg quilt….and I asked to see it and she never posted it…so I’m so so so glad YOU DID!
    Thanks for sharing it! I love it….you know, in the winter time here in Sweden I NEVER shave my legs…what’s the point? If I wear a skirt or dress I’ve got on leggings or dark hose. And my hubby could care less about my hairy legs….so that’s exactly what my legs look like…oh right about this time of the year! Would you like me to send a photo? If you did a hairy leg giveaway…I’d WIN! ha ha

    Love it!
    Carol in Sweden

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