Featured Quilter

I am the featured quilter over on a wonderful machine quilting site called Machine Quilter’s Resource.  The site owner, Suzanne, asked her interview questions via email, and of course, I was happy to answer and send her pictures.  Only one problem….  seems that I was supposed to only send 5-7 photos and of course, I sent about 20+!!   LOL    Good thing that Suzanne is a good sport and ran them all!  Also a good thing that I can laugh at myself!

Trip: I’ve been making last minute preparations for my upcoming trip to Kauai!  Need to arrange the pet and house sitter, plus clean and pack.  All that is left to do is buy a hat to keep the sun off my face.  I can hardly wait… just a few more days left to go!

Organized Traveler: I always make out an itinerary for Joe and I.  In a nice, neat packet is our day-by-day itinerary, behind which is all our reservation documentation, including mapquest maps, flight and car rental info.  Does anyone else do this?    It must be hereditary because my older sister also does this, too.


12 thoughts on “Featured Quilter

  1. I enjoyed the interview on MQR. Thanks for the blog link about the barb wire fence pattern. I love how you used it on the quilts.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Carla,
    Your interview with Suzanne was delightful. You are one of the most creative persons I know…. it just seems to ooze from you. : ) So glad you sent the photos you did; it was fun to see them. I hadn’t seen the metal bracelet before. That was wonderful.

    Carla Riggs

  3. UMMMM, I’m sorry to say, but, well, NO. I don’t do that at all. Much more of a wing it kind of girl. Though I do usually have the documents I am going to need on hand.

  4. I don’t usually do the itinerary part, but I do the special folder with documentation, mapquest directions, flight and car rental info. This is pretty funny if you were to see my desk. Organized it is NOT!

    Loved your interview on MQR!

  5. I put together a packet of information when the boys and I went out to San Diego this past summer. It was really quite handy. This was probably the first time that this was done for me…most vacations are less involved.

    Karen A.

  6. I am really pissed off that you didn’t put the hairy leg quilt into the article 😉

    When do you leave, exactly? Did I give you directions to glass beach?

    Yes, you gave me directions to Glass Beach, thanks! Little does Joe know it, but I am going straight there after we check in! LOL

    Uh oh… sorry for the oversight. To make it up, I’ll feature it soon… LOL!

  7. Thank you to all the nice comments posted! I can’t wait to go, we leave tomorrow. The owner of the condo we are renting called with last minute details, he couldn’t be nicer. I found him by doing my research on TripAdvisor.

    Yes, I will bring back pictures to share!

  8. NO… one would have to travel to make an itinerary… LOL

    You have fun girl!.. and bring me back some beach glass.. please please please!

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