Forged bracelet

Check out my new forged bracelet, a technique I learned from my instructor:

This was a fun technique to learn.  I will practice on copper, then will do my final one in silver, I think.

My mind turns to trip preparation these days.  This weekend, I drug Joe to the local dive shop to pick up snorkel gear.  I first fell in love with snorkeling during our catamaran trip to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) last summer:

I love seeing the fish, the coral reef, and underwater life.  It was so relaxing…. almost as relaxing as the painkillers we enjoyed.

Anyway, here is my new gear:

I especially love my new mask!!  It has a special prescription insert, so I may see perfectly under water.  It solves the problem of how to enjoy snorkeling if you are blind as a bat!  Last year, I made due with soft contact lenses, but I think this will work better!

Thanks to my sister, Yvette, who recommended what to buy.  I decided to add on booties with my fins because i’m prone to get blisters.  I plan on snorkeling everyday while we are on vacation, so I want to be comfy.  I also have UV rash guards for Joe and I so we don’t get too burned.

Ok, I’ve procrastinated long enough!!  Time to head to my quilt studio for some quality 1:1 time with my longarm and the quilt I have loaded.  Take care, Carla


5 thoughts on “Forged bracelet

  1. The forged bracelet looks great! You are a natural with metal work.


    Thank you, Karen!! Say… HUGE congrats to Karen! She worked her way through college and also while mothering her kids, too! That takes stamina and persistence!!

  2. I agree with Karen… You are a natural.. you seem to pick it up so effortlessly!

    Snorkel some for me..K?

    Faith, dear…. I think I’m lucky it turned out so well on my first attempt! LOL… did you try forging that piece I gave you on Saturday??

    Yes, I will snorkel for you, too! Wish i could take back pictures, but the underwater cheapie cameras are a waste of money and I haven’t yet forked out the mega $$$ for a underwater camera case. Would rather own a hydraulic press or soldering torch!

    Are we both asking Santa for a hydraulic press for Christmas this year? LOL!

  3. Wear shorts, or better yet lycra nearly to the knee shorts…certain parts of the anatomy float higher on women and a burn where you sit is anything but fun….I speak from experience here.

    Say hi to the fishies for me, m’kay? And the bracelet? Beautiful…completely.

    I won’t ask, but big ouch!! I have wetsuit shorts and a neoprene vest, not sure if the water temp requires it. Will take anyway just in case.

    Yes, I’m bringing lots of sunscreen, my fair skin needs it!

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