5 More Days Left- Blog Giveaway!!

Only 5 more days left in my blog giveaway.   To enter, simply comment under my post here.  This is what some lucky person will win:

This giveaway will also celebrate another blog milestone!  Sometime earlier this week or last, I had my 300,000th blog visitor!!    I am glad I took my blog to WordPress last year, I love the ability to create my own header, link to other blogs, etc.  Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read or see what I’m up to creative-wise.


Today, I decided to improve my creative harmony by organizing just a bit.  I started with my closet, which really needed it!  Now I can see all my clothes, and also shoes.  Wow… I have way too many pairs on hand now that I can see them in one location.  Anyone care to confess how many shoes YOU have??  LOL!

Creative pursuits today include some quilting…. some freeform beading…. and perhaps a little metal work.  Tomorrow in class I plan to forge a copper bracelet out of a thick wire, then if all goes well, I will try it in silver.

Roomba Update….  I have a love/hate relationship with my roomba.  I love that I don’t have to vacumn very much now.  What is driving me crazy about the roomba is that it gets stuck in places around the house.  First it wedged itself between my dining room chairs and now it gets stuck under an upholstered chair.

For some reason, this week the noise is making me cranky.  When I hear it go on, my temper rises, so I go over and make him stop.  My husband thinks I’m being funny.

Enjoy your Friday!!  Carla

5 thoughts on “5 More Days Left- Blog Giveaway!!

  1. It’s the wind.. it sucks.. makes us cranky… Everything bothers me with this northern dry static wind….

    poor roomba.

    Iam trying to get out to the shop and do some metal stuff… BUT iam so FRICKEN cold..my hands don’t want to work!

    Ever get warmed up, Faith?? I’m watching the wind blow all the leaves off the trees. It is rather surreal! See you tomorrow at class! C

  2. How much noise does it make? Part, only part, but still…part of the reason we don’t have a fridge is that the noise of the thing cutting in and out bugs me. The sound of money being spent on electricity we can ill afford environmentally, and which I don’t need…

    So the roomba, how noisy is it?

    Less than a vacumn cleaner, but loud enough to not carry on a conversation in the same room. Usually, I am working in my studio, so the noise doesn’t bother me.

    I am SO glad we went solar this year… our electric bills since we installed it have been negative, meaning we have banked power for the winter months. C

  3. WOW Carla, you have been busy this past week! Love the metal work, and the pendant. You are one talented chickadee!

    I gave my roomba away a couple years ago…it drove me up the wall. I was forever having to ‘rescue’ it and empty it of fur and kitty sparkle balls midway thru it’s swath…it was just quicker and easier to vaccum myself. Plus the kitties didn’t really care for it either…though that was sometimes grand entertainment..LOL.

  4. Wow! That news about the Roomba is discouraging. I guess it’s true. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. 😦

    Oh well, that’s why I have teenagers, right? To vacuum the house! 😉 😀

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