Crystal Pendant

I made this pendant in yesterday’s class:

I enjoyed this process, and I could see myself making some other items using this technique… and putting a Carla spin on it all.

I also got some ideas for future projects while I was in the bead store…  those go into my journal for future reference.  I like to write things down while they are fresh in my mind, that way I will remember them later.  I know many of you also do this.

I’ve always admired Geninne’s blog site where she shows her journal calendar pages online.  I love her watercolor artwork!  In fact, every day I see her work, I have a poppy print hanging in my studio.


Guess who went sea glass hunting recently?  Check out this post on the Oreneta Aground blog.  Oreneta is the name of her sailboat.  A few years ago, Oreneta was living in Totonto with her kids, they decided to seize the moment and sail down to the Bahamas for 3 years.  The Oreneta has been aground, the family moved to Spain, and life there is interesting.  Anyway, I admire any woman who is brave enough to follow her dream!


We leave in a little over a week for Kauai!  I guess I had best finish making my reservations, and take DH to get our new snorkeling gear this weekend.  I am so ready for time spent beach glass hunting, snorkeling, touring and just relaxing!  If I have my way, I will come back with LOTS of beach glass to use in my jewelry art.  And, of course, some new sand to add to my collection.

Any more advice from you Kauai experts out there??  We are going for the helicopter ride, snorkel trip to Lehau Island, Na Pali Coast boat trip, Tubing through the tunnels, hiking, snorkeling, and lots of other sightseeing.  Any restaurant advice??  I’ve been reading like mad at TripAdvisor, but it is nice to get info from people you know.

Enjoy your day!!  Carla


2 thoughts on “Crystal Pendant

  1. You will come back withlots of beach glass. I’ll give you directions on how to get there, if I haven’t already.
    I’m going to the grage to pound silver…

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