Beaded Copper Patina Bracelet

Here is a picture of my previously shown copper patina, metal formed, and textured bracelet with some new beaded embellishment:

Hope you liked my bracelet!!

Onto more dire topics:

What a roller coaster week the US economy has taken… only problem is that is headed south.  Everyone I know is filled with FUD- Fear, Uncertaincy and Doubt.  There is a tendency to not spend a dime on any non-essentials, however, if we do that collectively as a group, then the recession will become worse.  Do you sell your stocks or hang on?  Creative brains do not like to think about finances!

What I would like to do is find who created this mess and then locate their Achilles heel, which is probably poverty, and then subject them to it.   Ahhh… that would be poetic justice!    Who do you think is responsible and why??

You may also comment on my bracelet if you dislike being reminded about the economy.  Hugs, Carla


14 thoughts on “Beaded Copper Patina Bracelet

  1. You need to share that in JAN. How did you connect the beads after all?

    UGG the economy… scaring the hell out of us… we will be the first to go down with Gene’s area of work.


  2. I’m not going to touch the economy .. One like I know is now calling her 401K her special K fund …

    but i do just love that bracelet .. and all the work you do .. your creativity just leaves me sitting here with my mouth hanging open in absolute awe 🙂


  3. Carla, as usual, I LOVE the bracelet! It’s awesome. I HATE the economic mess. We will never really know who is responsible because “they” will cover things up to protect themselves and their friends and blame it on everyone else.

  4. Love the bracelet….hate the economic mess.

    But you are so’s a confidence game, and if we quilt spending… things grind to a halt and it all gets worse.

    We are fortunate, that we don’t need to sell stock right now while it’s in the tank. So I will continue to do my part to stimulate the economy by participating regularly in retail therapy as long as I can.

  5. LOVE the bracelet!!
    John has lost 5 years from his retirement account in the last couple months. Thankfully he can’t retire for another 6 years.

  6. Love that bracelett! wow! a stunner!

    And the economy…another STUNNER …it has hit HARD over here. We don’t have the kind of money for bail-outs in Sweden….again the USA influences the world and everyone suffers in one way or another for it. All I can continue to say is VOTE IN NOVEMBER and VOTE for someone who has brains! no more puppets or evil greedy people!

    Can’t wait to see your next lovely creation!

  7. The bracelet is beautiful.

    As to the economy…..

    I agree with Carol from Sweden– look who’s been running this country for the past 8 years and look where we are now.

    Vote for someone who has brains and cares about the people instead of his rich buddies in business. Warnen Buffet, (the richest man in the world) years ago, referred to Derivatives as financial instruments of mass destruction — he’s never dealt with them. So that’s part of the problem too.

  8. i don’t do bracelets but i LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bracelet. you do such cool things. i love reading your blog and enjoying your creativity. keep on rockin’.

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that bracelet and your pendant!!!

    About who’s to blame? Who will ever really know? Seems many have had a hand in this debacle. However, blame seems to lean more in the direction of those who have the greatest amount of power which often includes a greater amount of wealth. Their greed has promoted more and more deregulation which has enabled the bad apples to spoil the economy for everyone. (Greed is an equal opportunity flaw. It isn’t relegated to just one political party.)

    Pure capitalism on paper seems like a very good thing, just as communism might seem like a pretty good deal ON PAPER! In practice, neither is terribly wonderful!

    I’ve had some interesting conversations with DH (a fairly moderate liberal, political science major and news junkie) and a friend (an ultra conservative, ex-military and ex-local politican) about the differences between the two main parties in American politics. The friend is against anything that so much as hints at socialism. I must agree that socialism tends to bring thoughts of Marxism and other dismal socialistic governments.

    However, DH feels a form of capitalist socialism or democratic socialism is very different and would never become a pure socialism. The conversations are obviously quite lengthy and heated at times but very useful.

    It still has me wondering…but where do we go from here?

    Sorry it was so long. You did open the door, though. Right? 😀

    Right!! Glad to hear from you, Christine! C

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