Beading Class

I’m taking a cabochon beading class tomorrow at my local bead store. I first signed up about a month ago after seeing the class sample made by beading instructor Emi, shown here:

The picture above is a bit blurry, but it gives you a general idea.    It is very similar to a book I own by talented beader Laura McCabe:

Check out this beautiful beaded piece by Laura from her book:

Anyhow, while I would LOVE to take a class from Laura herself, I am instead taking a class from the local store.  If my pendant turns out nicely, I will show it to you.  If it looks horrible, hmmm…. I’ll show it to you anyway.  LOL!

As you can tell, I love to learn new things and try out new projects.  I’m really getting into my metal class… I do have some works to share with you.   Keep watching… I engaged in some shopping therapy while I was down with strep, mainly metal art supplies.  Cough cough….   from a few online stores.  OK, maybe 3 stores and an ebay bid.  Let’s just say that the retail therapy, along with the antibiotics, are helping me to feel better!  Here is what I purchased off of ebay- a vintage drop in a pretty aqua color:

What are you working on???  If you feel like it, share what you are doing creativity wise.    Carla

7 thoughts on “Beading Class

  1. great work as always 🙂

    i’m trying to work thru the icks and get the quilt done for kyle for cmas from a block i designed 🙂 .. scrap quilts are so much fun, but Lordy are they a lot of work to cut .. not sure I’ve got the energy now to stitch them together ..

    there’s grans quilt, my 1800, michigan left, colour mystery AND AND AND LOL .. you get the idea



  2. This fellow metalhead wants to know EXACTLY what retail therapy you did RE: metal work stuff….

    I expect an email.. he he..

    Hope you are feeling better!


  3. I haven’t even sketched my own foot recently. Did you manage to continue to work creatively when your kids were young? I find kids + work + language study + husband + dog = little time to do anything creative.

    Ho hum

    Oreneta, when my kids were younger, there were times when I couldn’t do anything creative. And that was how it needed to be then. They got older, then I had snippets of moments to do what I wanted. Now that they are even older, I finally have the freedom to create more. Go easy on yourself … I think you expressed wonderfully what every mom feels when it comes to meeting the needs of the family.

    Asserting your creativity will happen… the kids will grow and you’ll have more time on your hand, you schedule allows a moment of creativity to be included, of course, one of Life’s trade offs’s may not be to our timetable though- which can cause frustration.

    In the meantime, just console yourself with memories of Oreneta, past and future. Hugs, Carla

  4. Still working on quilting my quilt. And working on the socks I’m learning to knit. I’m loving what you’re doing with your metal art.

  5. Hi Ya Carla, sorry to read you are not feeling well. Get better quick so you can keep feeding us your beautiful eye candy! Sometimes relinquishing yourself to your softest blankie is the best medicine. Be well.

  6. Hi Carla, shopping is so fun!

    I am currently working on my kids costumes for Halloween, donations for a charity event, and an advent calendar.

    btw, great advice to Oreneta. You said it so well!

    Sometimes you just have to take the time to do something for yourself so that you can fill up your spirit and in turn be the devoted mother, wife and friend you need to be.

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