New Free Fonts

Good day!!  These are new free fonts for my font collection.  I will never get tired of fonts!

You can find all the fonts shown above from Abstract Fonts.  Did I mention they all are free?  (2011 Note: Bleeding Cowboy font is available at other free font sites such as DaFont,  or 101 Free Fonts.)

More fonts to look at.  The orange compilation is actually about 6 months old, I found in an old draft post.

I found the following free fonts, with their links

Cafe Lounge 19;


Dead Secretary;

Prime Minister of Canada;


Night Club;

High Security,


If you want more posts on fonts, I have a terrific Halloween font post that is popular year round.  I have a list of direct free font links on that post, too.  While searching for free fonts, it is easy to get routed to numerous advertisers, and even pick up obnoxious bots along the way.  My list is nice because it takes you directly to each site.

Enjoy!!  Carla


7 thoughts on “New Free Fonts

  1. Carla, Thanks for all the great links. I love fonts, too, really anything to do with words. Here’s a source I love Lots of really cool retro font’s, some they sell, some free.

    Hi Robin, thanks for the link… I’ve been to that site before, but it somehow dropped off my radar. Thank you! C

    • Hi Cindy, I have updated the post above with 2 other links for the Bleeding Cowboy font. Thanks for letting me know that the one site had taken it off. Regards, Carla

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