More Etched Metal

With Faith’s permission, I want to share her photos of  the etched metal.  They are very cool!!  The etching process is fun, you basically create a mask using a variety of methods, then place the metal in the etching solution.  The solution etches the bare metal.

Here is Faith’s fabulous work:

While I love all her work, the font sheet is my favorite… I just have a thing for fonts:

Faith asked me to doodle my Carla quilting lines using the mask pen on her copper sheet, and here it is after Faith etched it:

See?  Quilted metal!!  Hmmm… now how to use my metal in a project. I wonder how Faith will use hers?

The weekend already??  Where did the week go?

Enjoy your day!  Carla

PS: Until Oct 15th, 2008, I am running a blog giveaway HERE.


7 thoughts on “More Etched Metal

  1. So, let’s say that you have a bunch of silver utensils that you want to make into jewelry….how would you bend the metal to make, um, maybe a bracelet?

  2. Hi Lori, you would forge them into shape using a bracelet mandrel and a rawhide mallet, I believe. I’m still new enough that I have to think things through.

    If anyone out there reading this would use different tools, then please correct me.

  3. okay, that is what I was thinking too. Mandrel is on order. I think I have a mallet with my bead stuff. Somewhere.
    Just back from gem and bead show with a bag of loot.

  4. Is the etching deep enough that you could print with ink off of it? I too really like the fonts.

    Ahhh… a fellow font junkie! Oreneta, I not sure if it is deep enough for what you are thinking… printing. I think I would carve a font art eraser if I were doing it for printing purposes. Thus said, it might be interesting to try with brayer in hand. who knows…? C

  5. You two have to show me this technique in class. I LOVE it! Since I am a sewer I have been wondering how I could incorporate my love of fabrics into my jewelry. This could be it!

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