Metal Play Day

Who says you can’t combine metal and quilting??  Yesterday, I trekked over to Faith’s house in Lodi, CA (remember the song about Lodi? LOL!) where Faith kindly shared with me how to etch metal.  It was FUN!!  I am hooked on etching now.  Here’s my first attempts:

Sorry for the blurry image, but this next one was handwritten quotes, then dipped in liver of sulphur for a nice patina:

The last 3 photos relate to my patina experiments:

Last up is a necklace in progress… I need to wax it, then assemble the necklace pieces together:

I hope you enjoyed the show… I am now loving this class since I have gotten over my hesitation of the new medium.

Last reminder….  I am currently offering a fiber art freeform scarf in my Fall blog giveaway.  Click on the link to win this:

Regards, Carla

16 thoughts on “Metal Play Day

  1. DANG Carla!!! Those are SWEET!!!!! Did you hand draw those????? I”m in lust..and big time envy.

    Hi Janice, I drew them all except the leaf one. That was a punch and labels. The texture on the metal is just like my quilting lines. I’m hooked!! Thanks for stopping by…. Carla

  2. Oh how I wish I were creatively blessed such as you! These are amazing! Okay, I have to pick up my jaw now and wipe the drool off of my keyboard and get back to work. 😉

    Nicely done Carla! You have done some amazing things. WOW!


    OMG, Melissa!! Are you kidding?? You have creativity oozing out your pores!! Dear Readers, just click on Melissa’s name and it will take you to her website. She does the most amazing metal work and jewelry. When you look at her work, remember, she made them all from scratch!!

    Hugs, Carla

  3. Very interesting — how funny you are — quilting in copper — it just figures. I checked out Mellisa’s sight (you are so right) and it’s bookmarked — what fabulous jewelry!

  4. Oh Carla, these are just amazing……I can already see a ceiling all copper with feathers flowing gracefully accross.

    Karen L

  5. I know you better than you know yourself.. I knew etching would be right up your alley. I can see a Carla Barrett quilt lovers line of jewelry happening before too long.

    Are we having fun yet? OH YEAH BABY!

  6. I knew it! You are fabulous at this creative endeavor as well!!!

    Beautiful work…I can’t wait to see the necklace.


  7. As always, a visual treat on your blog. You are one very talented lady, wish I had a small fraction of your talent. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to see more, more, more!!!

  8. ohmygosh! Feathered metal? How cooool is that? I want that for my kitchen backsplash- I just might be inspired to cook! I love the leaves too!

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