Financial Crisis

I’m going to do something I have never done before… turn my attention from creative pursuits to current events.  Specifically, what is happening in Washington DC with the current economic crisis.  Today, the House of Representatives failed to pass the bipartisan emergency economy rescue plan.  The stock market reacted in a way that history has never seen before.   What can you do to prevent a national fiscal implosion from happening before our eyes?

Email, call or write your Congressman and tell him/her to vote for a bipartisan agreement!!

We need this fixed before the whole house of cards starts falling.  This affects ALL Americans, no matter what your economic status is.  This is the worst financial crisis in US history.  We are on the precipice and the ground is crumbling.

No matter what party you belong to, this problem affects us all.  No matter how we got here, who is at fault, we must put in place a patch, even if it is refined and reformed later.

Re: Bipartisan bickering- C’mon Congress, put your egos aside and do what is right!  Fix this!

We live in scary times…. I don’t know about you,  but I think it will get alot worse before it gets better unless Congress and our Government acts promptly and decisively.

Has the crisis affected your family yet??


7 thoughts on “Financial Crisis

  1. These are scary times……….Maris lost his job in June…..the market is not looking good in Michigan…….I hate to think we might have to move where ever he can find a job in his field…….I would have to start my business over…so he is doing his best and I am quilting as much as I can get in….scary, scary.

  2. With only a few months before I retire, this is really scary. I’m sick to death of bipartisan bickering and blaming the “other side” for all the financial woes. It’s time the elected officials could start acting like the responsible adults we voted into office to work for us and stop acting like little children. They should all be ashamed of themselves!!!

  3. You are correct in your estimation of how very dangerous this financial situation is — if congress doesn’t get off their buts and settle this we are in the deepest trouble. Billionaire Warren Buffett (2nd richest man in the United States) told congressional negotiators that if they can’t agree on a proposed financial bailout, the nation will face “its biggest financial meltdown in American history”. He put $5 billion dollars into Goldman Saks to stop this investment company from failing (because he knew they were a solid company). Several banks in Europe failed today. If we fail –we take the world with us. Most of us didn’t live thru the great depression but this will be worse.

  4. I too am sick and tired of everyone ragging on the other party! It is really, really time to stop blaming everyone else and just get down to focusing on comming up with a solution………………..I so agree at least get it going and fine tune it later! America is better than this!!!!

  5. Yes, I’m sure our retirement fund will be hit very hard, not to mention the trickdown effect this economy is having in all aspects of our lives.

    Currently, it looks like neither one of us will be able to consider retiring soon, if ever! DH is 66 and had hoped he only had 4 years left to HAVE to work. (I planned to re-enter the workplace within the next 4 yrs after the kids graduate from high school and retire 10 yrs later.) Now retirement may be a pipe dream.

    It is so frightening and so sad. 😦 God help America.

  6. I am hoping that today will hold better news. I could not believe that our elected officials could not set aside worries about their own positions and vote for a plan that is necessary to save our crumbling economy. I have some friends who say, well, you have to help the “little guy”and then “who cares about Wall Street and the big guy with the golden parachute”. The reality is that if you don’t save the “big guys”, then there is no hope at all for the little guy. That’s not very well said, but I hope that makes some sense.

  7. I agree, Sandi. This is not about bailing out the “fatcats on Wallstreet,” this is about saving the US economy from collapse. The trickle down effect of what is going on, if not abated, will take most by surprise.

    Thanks for your comment.

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