Artist Profile: Joe Pogan

I have long admired the  sculptures of Oregon artist, Joe Pogan, who uses found metal objects in his work.  His work is interesting, whimsical, and relevant to the philosophy of reuse and recycle.  Joe’s end goal “is an eye catching, fascinating, amalgamation of metal with odd nooks and crannies you can explore for hours.”

With his permission, here are examples of Pogan’s animal sculptures:

Joe Pogan also creates custom work incorporating metal, dog tags, tokens, tools and jewelry provided from the client.  This would be a special way to memorialize a loved one, or would make a wonderful gift.

If you want to see more of Joe’s work, be sure to visit his website and gallery.  He does have items for sale through his site,  for example, the “Linden” piece (shown above) is priced at $400 US, and the small birds are approximately $175 US.

I feel his prices are very affordable given the amount of time, energy and artistry spent on each metal sculpture.  I have my eye on a birdy…. anyone surprised about that?

Regards, Carla


Carla Note: From time to time, I will be featuring unique artist profiles on my blog.

7 thoughts on “Artist Profile: Joe Pogan

  1. Wow those are beyond awesome!!!!!!! I have seen large found metal pieces that are made out of farm tools and old cars (they are usually large animals and dinosaurs) but never on a small scale that those……………….my I LOVE those birds!!!!!!

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