Watch for New Tutorial

Watch for my new Carla Freeform Crochet Tutorial coming soon!  I have almost finished writing it, so keep checking back.  Over the last 2 years, I have had numerous requests for how I create my freeform crochet projects, so I finally decided to share.  This will be a beginner lesson, by the way.

I was first exposed to Freeform Crochet a few years ago when I went to ArtFiberFest and took a FF basket class from talented mixed media artist from Seattle, Cindy Pestka. (Thanks, Cindy!!)   My method of freeform evolved from Cindy’s class and is indeed VERY freeform.  I basically just find a hole in my piece and stitch away until it looks right to me.

Regards, Carla

10 thoughts on “Watch for New Tutorial

  1. Yippie!!! I can’t wait to see the tutorial! I went last night to a local yarn store to learn how to knit continental! It is going to be great once I train my hand to not do spastic things. If only my index finger would remain close to the needle things would go much better. Plus loosen my tension…well it seems that there are a few things on the list for me to master…it’s a start and I’m happy!


    There is also freeform knitting, if you prefer knitting, Karen. I can do both, but prefer crochet, probably because it is easier for me. Hugs, Carla

  2. What a beautiful scarf!!

    I am anxiously awaiting your lessons Carla!!

    Guess I need to get out the old crochet hook and try to remember how to do the basic stitches huh? LOL

    Hi Michelle, my tutorial has links to youtube sites so you can easily learn the basic crochet stitches. Once you see how easy and cool they are, you will make more than one. Hugs, Carla

  3. Love seeing your work, Carla. From the little bit of free forming I’ve done, I think it’s easier to be free doing crochet. I think it’s because with just the one hook it’s easier to go every which way. Looking forward to your tutorial.

  4. Ooops, I meant to say really beginner…sorry.

    LOL, I knew what you meant! This is a project you could take along on a boat trip- only it would be too hot to wear it in the Bahamas. I usually do my ff crochet while watching mind numbing television. Then I accomplish something and my time isn’t totally wasted.

  5. I can do some crocheting but it has been a little while. I enjoy both but like you I need to multi-task…watching TV with nothing in my hands is really difficult for me to do!!! But then again, watching a really good show does not make for a good time to knit/crochet.

    Last night I watched the season opener of Grey’s Anatomy…sorry but what a waste of my time. I wish I had used the DVR and watched it at a later time…there was so much reading for school….oh well…tonight I’m watching the debate…anyone else????



    I missed the debate… went to the Guild preview opener instead to see all the quilts. Hugs, C

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