“P” for Women

The title of this post has been edited so I don’t get visits from the wrong type of individual, if you get my drift.  If you are wondering just what in the world I am talking about, well… just read on.  This post is rated PG- honest!

My friend, Faith, whom I’m taking the metal arts class with, first mentioned this book to me.  One day, after class, her car wouldn’t start.  I immediately thought to call my DH, Joe, because I knew he would know how to solve the issue.  Joe drove about a half hour to where we were and got Faith’s car going for her.  We both thought it was sweet of him to do this.  Faith said that was he did was “P___ for Women.”  I didn’t “get” what Faith meant, so she loaned me this book:

Read on!    I don’t know about you, but there is definitely something sexy about a man who vacuums and fixes dinner:

and cleans up after pets:

You MUST read the type… it is pretty funny!

The book goes on and on in this vein.  Very funny because about 99.9% of all men do NOT do or say any of these things in real life. To read more, you will just have to find the book.

I must confess that mine does more than half the cooking, and while he does not clean up after the kitty or the bathroom, he does do an occasional load of laundry.  And yes, he can fix anything.  That’s hot! LOL!!

Thanks for a good laugh, Faith!

6 thoughts on ““P” for Women

  1. Mine does half the cooking, the bathroom (always) most of the laundry, most of the sweeping and a whole bunch of the childcare. He can fix most things too. A hottie and a keeper.

  2. There is an ad on TV that is similar. The guy is ironing, I think, but then he does other stuff, too. I can’t remember who the ad is for, but I remember that they called it “P” for women. LOL

  3. I whole heartedly agree:) I am most fondest of my man when he helps me round here… Im telling ya, when he is cleaning one dizzzgusting bird cage, I get all flushed! LOL

  4. Nothing hotter than a man with a tool in his hand.. broom..hammer…mop…oh and I just love a tool belt… HE HE… Yep it sounds like we are all pretty lucky!

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