Class Work

My first 5-6 weeks have been all about learning tools and practicing.  Here are more class work samples so you can see what I’m learning.  And yes, by the end of class I will actually make something out of these:

The diva shape was made by sawing out the shape from a block of acrylic (called a matrix die), then texturing the metal and last step is to press the die on a hydraulic press to form the metal.

The leaves were made by creating the shape out of copper wire, then pressing pieces of textured metal.  You texture the metal with a metal press.

The middle diva is not textured and other two are.  I haven’t decided what I will do with them- perhaps embellish it further and create a pin.

Yesterday, we learned how to cut discs out of metal.  The copper pieces were made using a special tool I borrowed from my friend Faith.

I have more, but this shows you what we are doing right now.  I do need to solder a cabachon, but I want to find a cool enough piece to use.

I have my semester “to-do” list.  I am required to make at least 4 pieces using a dozen or more techiniques.  So far, I have plans to create at least 8 projects… at least that is my goal.

Later this week, I’ll visit Faith at her studio and work together on some projects.  That should be fun.

Keep watching… almost finished with the heart quilt, and Faith loaned me a funny book to share with you all.  Today, the kids and baby Jack are coming over, too, so it is time to update my Jack picture, too.

Happy Sunday!  Carla

6 thoughts on “Class Work

  1. Carla the metal work items look like they are really comming along. I will look forward to seeing what you end up doing with them.

    I also can’t wait to see how the heart quilt turns out.

    By the way I am gonna make some fabric bowls and am gonna load the timtex and fabric on the longarm next week and just quilt it then take it off and finish the bowls up………..should be a fun project. Just so you know this was inspired by the fact I got the book on the fabric bowls at the guild library and came across it the other day………forgot I had it. Then there was the inchie project I did for your swap and you photo of the fabric you made for the Carla birds…………so there you go! I will share some photos on my blog when I get the fabric quilted and some along the way photos………….I want to make one of a kind bowls so wish me luck.

    Ami, can’t wait to see your bowls! I know you will have fun with your project, too!! Hugs, C

  2. Your interest in creativity is astounding! Mine seems quite limited…but then so is my time…Well that’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

    Looking forward to what you make with your metal projects…seems like you are getting along just fine with the tools you had some trepidations about as the class started.

    You are inspiring in many ways.



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