Lazy Way to Clean the Floor!

My delightful techno-husband, Joe, and I visited some friends for dinner recently, and somehow the conversation turned to floor cleaning.  I wondered how they were able to keep their 5,000 sq. foot floor so neat and tidy?  The answer- a Roomba!

In case you have never seen one of these, it is a robot floor cleaning device which memorizes your floor plan, goes over it 3 times picking up fibers, and dirt particles; then  it go back to the base for re-charging.

By the end of dinner, I knew we needed wanted one.  It sounds too good to be true, but just in the off chance it saves me time and energy, we picked one up today at Costco, brought it home and set it up.

I’ll keep you posted if my new electronic floor cleaner actually does the job as advertised.  it is supposed to make the transition between hard floors and carpets with ease.  You can also program it to clean at certain times of the day.  Right now it is charging.

Hmmm… if this works out great, perhaps I can get the Roomba type which mops the floor too.  Hmmm…. I wonder if they make one that cleans toilets, too! LOL!


11 thoughts on “Lazy Way to Clean the Floor!

  1. Oh do I need one of these…..seems like I’m always dusting floors….manually… this would be so neat.

    Keep us posted on how this wonder works.

    Karen L

  2. I absolutely love mine! I bought it about a month ago and must admit to actually having clean floors for the first time in years… so very very easy… best thing I ever bought myself. Hope you find yours as handy as I do mine.

  3. I bought one a couple years ago, great idea, but I have 2 very furry kitties…it get plugged up with fur…more trouble than the vaccum for me. But My Mother loves hers..(no pets).

    I also bought the snooba (the wet mop one). Again, for my house, my steam mop works much better.

    Though I think that in households without long-haired animals they probably work very well. For me…I gave both away.

  4. Well, I was ready to run out and get one until I read Deb’s post – I have a very very very furry yellow lab – I guess I’ll keep swiffering and sweeping with good old human power. The dog hair stops up the electric broom and the power swiffer thingy as it is. No need to stop up another appliance.

  5. I have been DREAMING of one of these, though it looks bloody huge…I wonder if I can get one in Spain, and what Chuck the dog would think of it….I was waiting for them to get here….now they have YAHOO

  6. I’m going to get one one of these days. I told my husband it’s either a Roomba or I’m going to start shaving our cats. I was so happy that he has the same scary visual in his head and quickly agreed that a Roomba was a PERFECT idea.

  7. I love my Roomba…but my dogs don’t. Our dogs are all short-haired so it works well in spite of them, but I have to protect the Roomba from them. The dogs are determined to protect me while it is roaming around.

  8. Rats! Debi shot that idea out of the sky. The major reason I need a Roomba is because of our dog. Whatever made me think that a lab-mix would shed less than a long-haired dog?

    Guess it’s back to manual labor…

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