Memories of 9-11

Today is 9-11, a day that brings to mind unspeakable horrors.  I still turn the channel when a documentary or made-for-TV movie comes on the television.  I need no reminders of what took place that day, the motto, “We Will Never Forget” is certainly applicable to all three 9-11 memorial sites.

It is amazing to me how people twist and warp their religion to justify evil behavior.  Sadly, this was the not the first time evil was committed in the name of a god, nor will it be the last.  Extreme Fundamentalism, no matter what religion,  has always, and will always proliferate, it seems.

“There is only one good, namely knowledge, and only one evil, namely ignorance.”

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” –Edmund Burke



2 thoughts on “Memories of 9-11

  1. I once read in an old Farmer’s Almanac different translations of the golden rule. “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.” The words were a little different in the different religions around the world but most of them had this in their religious writing. Think of the kind of world we could have if all people in all nations lived by this one rule. There have been so many despicable things done in the name of religion throughout the history of the world.

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