Weekend already?

Wow! The week went fast! This morning I’m off to the metal arts class, I think the lecture is on soldering. For the studio portion of the class, I’ll start making my first project. It will be a mixed media piece combining metal with fiber.

Quilt project- If you have been watching the changes from day to day, sorry, no pictures today. I spent the day yesterday doing SID work on the quilt and providing texture to the applique blocks. I am now about 95 percent finished- so I will finish it after my class today.

I will take some overall pictures before it goes back it Jayne. You might remember the last quilt I did for Jayne was the wedding ring one quilted last January.

Both of these quilts will go to her children. I had the pleasure to meet her son and DIL in February at the Folsom Quilt show. it is nice to know that your work is appreciated.

Btw, The opposite of this are horror stories of women who give quilts to their offspring, only to visit them and see it used in the doghouse. Anyone have a good story to share about this topic?? Or, is this simply an old wife tale to scare new machine quilters?? LOL

Off to school!! Hugs, Carla


7 thoughts on “Weekend already?

  1. Have fun in class.
    I made my sis in law a card trick back in the late 80’s, hand quilted and found it being used as a matress pad on the sleeper sofa. I wanted to take it back and say to heck with her but didn’t.

  2. This is a horror story that came out good in my opinion…..I give quilts to my nieces and nephews for wedding presents…..along with the quilt goes a certificate that says they can return the quilt and in exchange I will give them $50……I done this 7 times in the last 6 years….and only once has the bride and groom(my nephew) redemmed the certificate for the cash!!!! I was actually glad they did this as it showed me that they didn’t care about the quilt!!!!

    Karen L

  3. Yes! I gave my sister a quilt made by our great grandmother back in the ’20s. I later DID find it rumpled in a corner, being used as a dog bed!

  4. OMG!! The stories you shared are just too much! Julie, I hoped you got that quilt back from your sister if it wasn’t ruined already, she obviously does not deserve that quilt!

    Sharon, you could make her an easy small quilty project and then give her a huge sheet with how to CARE for the QUILT. Perhaps that would make her realize how to care for the hand quilted one? Could be some dogs won’t change, though.

    Karen, Your certificate idea is brilliant! Little do they know that the worth of the quilt was far more valuable than the $50! Good for you!


  5. I experienced this week something of a similar nature. I gave a quilt away — a quilt that I treasured and loved –figuring that I would give it away now ( I did this a few weeks back) rather than in my will so this family member could enjoy it. This was a quilt this person said he particularly loved. He called me this weekend and told me he had given it to his new girl friend (he’s known her 3 weeks) because he feels eventually they will marry. Needless to say I’m horribly upset… UGH!

  6. Hi I saw this link on Orenetas blog and thought I would check it out.
    I made my teenage son a quilt and he took it with him when he moved out. Oneday when I was at his house/bachelor pad i found it on the bathroom floor amongst dirty laundy that was wet and nasty. YES I TOOK IT!!! I told him he could have it back when he got married.

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